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Doomsday Scenario, or The New Duck and Cover.

February 22, 2007

With all of the doom and gloom that is being handed out in real life, is it any wonder that Hollywood is following suite? In the past we had movies like “1984”, “The Omega Man” and “The Day After”. The one that has the most chance of becoming a reality is “Oil Storm” It takes place in present day America, and is about what happened when oil became in short supply. Read on.

From “24” to “Jericho”, fear is the way to hold an audience these days. These shows are suppose to give a glimpse what might happen if conditions are right in the terror-stricken world we now live in. It is everywhere you look these days. From the de-funked color code people tuned in to see during the days after 9-11-2001, to the pep talks given by the Bush administration, all the way to the run on plastic and duct tape.(Lowes was over stocked.) Fear turns out to be the greatest motivator in a post 9-11 United States. In addition, for a while a great weapon for controlling the masses. However, a question that has plagued me is, “How does this differ from the days of “Duck and Cover”?”

I know, most of you do not remember those days, and I barely do. However, the theme was, in case of a Nuclear Attack by the Soviets (The boogieman of the day.)You were to hunch down and cover your head with anything you had, be it a book or bag. If you wee seated at you desk, you were the luck ones. Not only did you have the ultimate protection, you could survive on the gum that you and other stuck under there. Ah, yes we were naive in those days. I was in about second or 3rd grade when they finally stopped showing those in school. There were Movies, and Film Strips. We could not wait for Fridays when we would get, Pamphlets, magazines, and the occasional book on the subject.

Below is one of the films we had to watch.

What this all comes down to is,The New and Improved, Duck and Cover”. Instead of a simple scare tactic, it has become more complex, because we have become more complex. With mass media, and a few of the right outlets in their pockets, this administration has taken the old “Duck and Cover” and found new ways to keep people frightened about so many things all at once.

The New Duck and Cover does not show you how to try to save yourself. (Of course the Old Duck and Cover was not really meant to do that either.) The new Duck and Cover is meant to scare you shitless, and hand over your freedoms and rights over for a false sense of security. Moreover, for the most part it worked. A large number of people have given in to the administration, the 2004 election showed that. In the 2006 elections, the country said that they were tried of the way the administration was handling the war. However, there was not much of an outcry about our rights. It seems that we have settled into a sense of false security. For the most part the country has told this administration that they can have anything they want, just pretend to keep us safe.
Ps. Here is the trailer for The Omega Man.

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  1. February 23, 2007 2:07 am

    Well, yes, “duck and cover” only justified runaway military spending. The “GWOT” is far more comprehensive…and far more profitable. Capitalism is reliable that way, there’s always a new way to turn a buck out of a successful marketing campaign.
    JMO —Doug


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