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Things Running in the Background.

February 3, 2007

Ever been in the middle of a debate with a Neo-Con on the Patriot Act, and they pose the age-old question, Tell me how the Patriot Act affect you? Well after a lot of studying, and research I think I will be able to help you answer that very question. Read on.>>>

Lets say you get up on Sunday Morning and head off to your local place of worship. As you reach into your pocket and pull out a couple of bucks for the collection plate, remember they know, and where it is going.

Ok, it’s Saturday morning and your all psyched up for the big peace march, as you are headed for the rally here is something to think about.
Under Section 121 and section 122, while you are at the anti-war ally you can be considered an enemy combatant. It’s true. Under these sections, any protest and civil disobedience is a crime worthy of permanent surveillance, and, or, incarceration. Remember you just have to be there, not destroying anything or clashing with police, just being there is enough reason.

Under the Patriot Act, you have no Right To Privacy. Many argue that the Constitution does not guaranty the right to privacy but the case is made under amendments one, two, three, four, five, nine and ten of the Bill of Rights. The Patriot Act, is an outright attack on those amendments.

Under the DSEA, also known as the Patriot Act II, the government can declare anyone a foreign power or agent, regardless of citizenship, nationality, or place of birth – an American born and raised could be declared a foreign agent and stripped of all fourth amendment protections without recourse.

Under sections, 128, 204, and 205, the 6th amendment come under heavy attack. Under these sections administrative subpoenas and gag orders, replace arrest and search warrants. Also third parties like your ISP, dentist, lawyer, or family, will be forced to present evidence without a court order. If you receive a (court order or 215 subpoena; confidentiality provision or gag order), if you speak out about a Patriot Act 215 order, such as by contacting your senator, or even a lawyer, You will find yourself staring at the wall of a prison cell.”

As I have pointed out in numerous other dairies on the Patriot Act, and all the revisions, and laws such as, HR 418[109th] and The Intelligence Reform Act of 04, take the power away from the Judicial branch of the government, and extends way too much power to the Executive branch.

We are at a time when we are likely to see the government use some of these actions against its own people. George W. Bush has his back up against the wall, and is starting to use illegal tactics. The country is against all moves made on Iraq. This Man Is About To Crack.

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