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Is Iran Provoking Confrontation, Knowing of Broken Military?

February 1, 2007

Iran is building up its military to block entrance to the Persian Gulf to the U.S. This according to Adm. William J. Fallon who testified in front of a Senate hearing on January 30, 2007. Adm. Fallon is George W. Bush’s pick to run the troops in the Middle East. Read on>>>


He warned specifically that Iranian activity “has not been helpful” in Iraq, where he said, “time is running out” for action to curb the escalation of violence.

It seems that as the U.S. runs it military down, Iran is beginning to flex its muscles. Yesterday it was reported that Iran said that it will be assisting Iraq’s military in the south (a pact that I reported on over a year ago.) and rebuild the war torn country.

Fallon said Iran’s increasing military capabilities were focused on blocking U.S. military operations. “Based on my read of their military hardware acquisitions and development of tactics . . . they are posturing themselves with the capability to attempt to deny us the ability to operate in this vicinity,” he said.
“As they grow their military capabilities, we’re going to have to pay close attention to what they do and what they may bring to the table.”

John Negroponte, out going national intelligence director, who was one of the administration’s moves in the last shake-up, said in a separate hearing,

“Iran has been emboldened in its behavior during the past couple of years and has played a more assertive role,” Negroponte said. He said that although the United States seeks to resolve issues with Iran peacefully, “we don’t believe that their behavior, such as supporting Shia extremists in Iraq, should go unchallenged. So it’s a balance, if you will, but if they feel that they can continue with this kind of activity with impunity, that will be harmful to the security of Iraq and to our interests in that country.”

Is the War Propaganda Machine Starting Again?

For the last two nights I have seen clips of Iran moving anti-missile batteries into place, now I am sure that these are archive clips. They are using the same clip every night. What the MSM is doing is the same thing they did in the buildup to the Iraq war, and after 9-11-2001 to rally the country behind the administrations move to go to war. After 9-11-2001, the media was running clips of Arabs dancing in the streets, and burning the flag. The newscaster would say that they were doing this because the towers came down, and turned around and did the same thing for Iraq this time around. It was discovered that they were using stock footage. The reason I bring this up is so that people watch out for the drum-banging coming up on Iran, and Syria.


Ps. Yesterday, I received a reply to my Blog post MSM, Too Little Too Late. [A rant by ABA607] from Dixie Man, in which he said,

ABA & Washington Protesters,
You and your anti-war crowd are a disgrace to this country. I sat there in front of the TV Monday night and witnessed your so called “support for the troops”. Many of the disabled veterans who showed up to exercise their freedom of speech in the Washington protest were the brunt of obscene gestures to their face, were threatened in public, were spit on in front of there loved ones, and had to have a police escort to leave the area due to the unruly protesters and threat of personal injury. Great job guy! I have completely lost all respect for your cause and will actively spread the word of this to my neighbors and friends. Many of us now know the hate that resides in your heart for America and it’s military and the distance you will go to further your anti-war ideology. There was only one MSM station to show this. The camera showed your true colors. How distasteful!

I really did not how to respond, because I did not hear of any of this. Did anyone hear, or see any of the protesters spit on or make rude gestures to the Vets at the protest this past weekend. If so please tell of what happened below.

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  1. February 4, 2007 3:08 am

    The Vet that reported being spit on retracted it. But as far as rude jestures, and crude laungage, My friends that were there said it did happen.

    I am a shamed of anyone that would do such a thing. No matter what I feel about this war, and administration, I do know that these troops follow orders, and put hteir lives on the line. To those who did that to them that is not freedom of speech, that is hate provoking actions.

    Dave on that I think you and I agree.


  2. David permalink
    February 3, 2007 8:47 pm


    I saw your follow-up article this Saturday morning on the MSM, Too Little Too Late, as well as the other comment you posted. Just to let you know, I to saw an interview with an Army Sergeant and his fiancée, on the Fox New channel 45, The O’reilly Factor, on Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday evening on the Headline News channel 47, the Glen Beck commentary. Both Fox and Headline news channels aired VARIOUS VIEW POINTS relating to the Washington Protest.

    Anyway, the Sergeant was an amputee from the Iraq war who was in a wheelchair and he told the news commentator that interviewed him, “I did not want his unit back in Iraq to see just the anti-war side of the story; I was tried of always the negative stuff being shown and not seeing some of the positive events, I wanted to show my unit someone was on their side”. That was the Army Sergeants words as I remember.

    According to the Sergeant, he, his fiancée and a few vets went down to the Washington Protest with a bull horn to exercise their free speech, give their opinion and perspective of events in Iraq and they were basically SHOUTED DOWN, given the middle finger, cursed at and at events conclusion had to have the police escort them out of the area. There was a film clip of this by the Fox news media that showed various protesters walking in front of the Vets shouting profanities and giving them the middle finger salute. The video clip did not show the police escort, but it really showed the attitude of the protesters towards anyone who opposes the anti-war effort, even if it is a Vet who served in Iraq. Guess free speech only works one way in the anti-war ideology. This was a good example of what I have tried to bring to light in my previous comments here in regards to what the American troops see and hear from the EXTREME anti-war crowd.

    There was also an attempt by the media to give Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and yes, the infamous “Hanoi Jane” the opportunity to provide a few PRODUCTIVE comments to support their position on the war, but all we got was meaningless, sarcastic and condescending remarks from them all. None of them were willing to face a rebuttal of facts on camera. It appeared that Hanoi Jane just wanted to run away. What a shallow bunch. I would think that if you are going to shout from the mountain top your political beliefs, you would surely have a profound knowledge of the facts that support your position. This was obviously not the case with Hollywood.

    On a side note, wonder why CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, World News, C- SPAN, MSN, etc. only showed speakers in support of the anti-war views and not the other various opposing public views. Is there a possible agenda here being put forth by most of the MSM? Two other MSM stations took the time to air several viewpoints of the protest.

    So there you have it from what I saw of the news coverage of the Washington protest. The anti-war protest groups appeared to be the same as always, loud, self centered, flamboyant, intolerant, with no room for any opposing voices. It’s a wonderful world we live in today.


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