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MSM, Too Little Too Late. [A rant by ABA607]

January 28, 2007

This is just going to be a short post with one main Question. “Where were they when the killing started.” More below the fold.

Now the main Stream media is all up on the bandwagon covering the protest in D.C. today, but where were they at the prewar protest. Where were they on September 24, 2006 when the protesters were sprayed with Tularemia? The story was covered by a few online publications, but nowhere in the MSM.

This was by no-means the first anti-war protest, but because a few celebrities, and active military took part, they found it in their hearts to cover it. I do not mean to sound like an ingrate, but it is a little late. Over Three Thousand American Troops have died for this lie, this out right murderous lie. Then add the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis that have been killed, and maimed. All this while the MSM ran their missing blond stories, and other news that belonged only on the local front, while the administration was running this country deeper indebt while killing our troops over lies.

The one thing we here from both sides is, “It does not matter how we got there, we are there and have do it right.” Well it does matter how we got there. Are we so stupid that we don’t care that our friends and loved ones are dieing over the lies told to put them in this meat grinder? Above all else, when it is all said and done, we must not forget that it was the lies that got those we care about killed.

All the blame does not lay with the media. They just found how really unattached most of this country was and took full advantage of it. The numbers of who watched the first additions of “American Idol” proves that we have become an unfeeling country that feeds on the misfortunes of others.

How many sat glued to their televisions when Bush unleashed the Shock-N- Awe campaign, and did not stop to think that there were innocents being killed. Even sadder yet, did not care.

Yes, it is good that today’s protest got the coverage it got. Yes, it is great that some celebrities joined in. Nevertheless, some of the MSM have reported this as the largest since the war began, but it is not. The march in September was larger. Yes, what the Mainstream Media did was good. However, it is four years too late!

Too little, Too

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  1. Dixie Man permalink
    January 30, 2007 9:11 pm

    ABA & Washington Protesters,

    You and your anti-war crowd are a disgrace to this country. I sat there in front of the TV Monday night and witnessed your so called “support for the troops”. Many of the disabled veterans who showed up to exercise their freedom of speech in the Washington protest were the brunt of obscene gestures to their face, were threatened in public, were spit on in front of there loved ones, and had to have a police escort to leave the area due to the unruly protesters and threat of personal injury. Great job guy! I have completely lost all respect for your cause and will actively spread the word of this to my neighbors and friends. Many of us now know the hate that resides in your heart for America and it’s military and the distance you will go to further your anti-war ideology. There was only one MSM station to show this. The camera showed your true colors. How distasteful!


  2. January 28, 2007 6:56 pm

    To little too late! ABSOLUTELY ABA! You tell them bastards!


    I am infuriated when I seen it on MSNBC and thought WTF…where were you all these years?

    Great blog!


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