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And They Get Paid for This Crap?

January 25, 2007

I am sorry, but this is not one of usual blog styling, but I had to bring this to the fore front. I don’t know if this person gets it or not. While reading this I got the picture in my mind of some old lady sitting around the kitchen table with her Bridge Club, discussing the weekly events.

National Ledger

America has decided to put Democrats in power during his last term in office, hoping to get the President’s attention that a change is needed. It isn’t the method I would have gone about to change Washington, but nevertheless, we have to get something done there. For example, the bickering, the partisan blocking of bills in the Senate,etc. isn’t working.

I am not saying that what she has to say isn’t right, just that it is a bit naive for my taste. It seems that the next line after that should be, “Please pass the marmalade Anna-May.” I don’t know my be I am wrong on this, but when I see writings that go against my beliefs I want to yell at my computer and sometimes I do. However not this time, why is that, have I lost my edge?

Now, back to President Bush and his handling on the War on Terror. The President acknowledges we failed to send in enough troops into Iraq and he wants to send 20,000 more. The problem is, mistakes CAN’T be made in war! We are dealing with people’s lives! As I listened to the President’s speech, I thought perhaps our military should put more focus on conducting ongoing and unlimited “offense” operations to root out terrorists, then worry about security later. And the focus on rebuilding, leave to the contractors.

See how naïve this is, anyone with a lick of sense would know that is exactly what is going on with this Man in charge. The contractors are cleaning up, and with American troops as body guards.

See, I Ain’t Crazy

I have to agree with Pat Buchanan, the Congress as a whole is a joke with their nonbinding resolutions. If they are really interested in ending the death march that this (P)resident has sank this country and it’s military in, they must stop funding. They must stop trying to use a methodology that does nothing but show a vote of no confidence.

In the past I have said that Bush is going to go after Iran and I have been called crazy, and worst. Now it has been leaking out of the White House, and the Pentagon that Bush wanted plans drafted to attack Iran. So who is crazy now?

North Korea has now pledged to Iran help with their nuclear weapons program. Mohammad Khatami has been told by Kim Jong-il that North Korea will help Iran with its nuclear testing.


Iran and North Korea entered into the agreement on information sharing, including the data generated as a result of the underground test of nuclear weapons that North Korea conducted October 2006.

Not only Iran will get all respective data from North Korea, but a team of North Korean experts is due to arrive in Iran in the near term to help test nuclear weapons underground there, The Telegraph reported quoting an anonymous high-rank source with the defense department of some European state.

Iranian observers have attended all weapon tests in North Korea and Iran will probably test its own nuclear weapons already late this year, according to the source.

Iran hasn’t denied the nuclear program development, nor has North Korea. But unlike the latter, Iran has always insisted on the civil nature of its nuclear efforts.


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  1. January 25, 2007 11:41 pm

    “I have to agree with Pat Buchanan, the Congress as a whole is a joke with their nonbinding resolutions.”

    It is a joke in that sense and also that they will not bring the Bush administration to justice for the crimes they have ordered and participated in!

    Great BLOG Aba, I read it often.


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