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Silence Is Deadly

January 17, 2007

As I was driving home from taking my daughter to school this morning, I turned on the radio and there he was Jim Quinn, spewing hate for the left like never before. As I listened, it hit me he was putting down anti-war groups. I had to pull over to hear the rest of the rant. So I pulled into the local store, then I realized I needed milk. Read on.>>>

As I headed back to the dairy section I continued to listen to Quinn. (The store manager listens to this garbage, and forces those who shop there to also.) The rant went on calling all the anti-war groups, “leftover relics of the 60s.” So I grabbed the milk and a Pop-Tart, (Brown Sugar Cinnamon) and headed to the checkout line.

When I reached the cash register, the manager and a man in a suit were discussing what Quinn was ranting about. Now I know the manager, and that his politics run hand in hand with mine, but he was agreeing with the man, who was agreeing with Quinn. When (I will call him Bill.) started to ring up my purchase the gentleman he was talking to left. He turned to me and greeted me, and I had to ask him, why he changed his political views. He ask what I meant, and I told him that I over heard his discussion with the other gentleman. Oh that, he said. He is the owner of this place, and I don’t talk politics with him. However, when I do I don’t argue with him, because well, he owns the place. I just nodded, grabbed the bag, said good-bye, and headed for the door.

When I climbed into my car, I turned the station on to KDKA, because they have the most in-depth News of all the local stations. While I was pulling out of the parking lot, the story of the 2 car bombings in Iraq was on, and it got me to thinking about Jim not standing up to his boss, and the fact that I did not but in, and voice my opinion, as I normally would. See, in the past few days I have been seeing a phrase that Martin Luther King used in a speech he gave, that rings true especially now.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

That is what I did by not letting the guy that was agreeing with what Bush did by send more troops to the slaughter. I don’t fault Bill that much for agreeing, you have to chose the battles. Losing your job for a political opinion is not the way to go. One of the reasons I bring this up is because on January 27, 2007 there is going to be a march on D.C., and we need a large turnout. As I think back to the protest in the past against this administrations policies, whether it be on Iraq, stealing our rights away, or just the out right criminality of this administration, the turnouts were pretty low. Now I realize that a lot of the passion that was felt back during Vietnam was the fact that there was a draft. But we must not let this debacle get that far. We must speak now as not to let our sons and daughters have to carry the burden of fighting a war of choice. We as a whole, must do to this administration and its’ followers what hey did to Iraq. We must preemptively stop the possibility of any type of mandatory service. And one of the best ways of doing that is by “Shouting Down” this administrations need to engage in wars of choice.

The first thing we have to do is let the “Neo-Con hate machine” know we are not what they say, We love our country, but hate what they have done, and continue to do to it.” Let them know that we can support the troops but not the policy. By protesting and speaking out against the war, does not make you a enabler of the terrorist. These are just a few of the things the Neo-Con hate-mongers are using against the people for peace, I am sure you can come up with a lot more.

So please remember what the man of peaceful demonstrations said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Let’s show the Mad Hatter that we will not be ignored. If you can’t make it to D.C. go here and find something close to you. Lets make our voices heard.

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  1. David permalink
    January 20, 2007 4:08 am


    Please bear with me; this is approximately 200 years of history of a sitting U.S. Presidents using military force. I got this from a book documenting the use of military force by the nations of the world. There were other smaller conflicts mentioned concerning the U.S. in the book besides those below and compared to Europe’s war history, we are saints. There was a war in Europe that lasted almost 100 years.

    U. S. government involvement in the Indian wars. (23 sitting US Presidents)
    United States Quasi-War with France. (Adams)
    U. S. Tripolitania/Muslim War in the Mediterranean Sea. (Jefferson)
    United States Algerian/Muslim War again in the Mediterranean Sea. (Madison)
    United States invasions of Spanish Florida. (Monroe/Jackson)
    United States Civil War (The most costly war alone in U.S. history concerning the total number of American Troops who were killed and wounded.) (Lincoln)
    United States Invasion of Hawaiian islands due to a civil/revolutionary war. (McKinley)
    United States invasion of Samoa due to civil war. (Cleveland)
    Spanish American War. (McKinley)
    Philippine & American War. (McKinley/T. Roosevelt)
    United States involvements in the Moro Wars fighting Muslims insurgents in the Philippine islands. (T. Roosevelt/Taft)
    United States involvement in the Caribbean wars. (4 sitting Presidents)
    Pershing’s raid/incursion into Mexico. (Wilson)
    United State involvement in World War I. (Wilson)
    United States involvement in World War II. (FDR/Truman)
    United States involvement in the Cold War years. (8 sitting Presidents)
    United States involvement in the Korean War. (Truman/Eisenhower)
    United States involvement in the Vietnam War. (Johnson/Nixon)
    Iranian Hostage crises involving a failed military action. (Carter)
    Granada invasion by U.S. military forces. (Reagan)
    America’s first Persian Gulf War with Iraq. (Bush Senior)
    Somalia intervention by American troops. (Clinton)
    American intervention by military force in Bosnian War. (Clinton)
    American intervention by military force in Kosovo War. (Clinton)
    American invasion of Afghanistan. (Bush Junior)
    America’s second Persian Gulf war with Iraq. (Bush Junior)

    To get to the point here, with all the Bush bashing and anti-war sentiment these days, I wonder if you and your peace movement crowd also consider these wars/military interventions, WARS OF CHOICE. Are all U.S. Presidents Mad Hatters? What constitutes a war of choice when all wars in history encompassed the very act of choosing? When we look at history and see that many of the above conflicts could be considered a war of choice. Many were also extremely unpopular with some Americans at the time, but we know now that some of these wars of choice are now judged by history as the correct thing to do at that time. Take a look at history and you might be surprised at how those wars of choice shaped America and gained the very freedoms you enjoy today.

    Also, do you judge Clinton, Carter, Truman (A-Bomb), Lincoln, as harsh as Bush? I wonder! They too chose to use military force when diplomacy was ineffective in safeguarding the American people as well as what they considered to be the national interest at hand. I do not advocate war here, but I will submit that war is sometimes necessary when given the CHOICE to be safe or not. No minds will be changed by all the public noise. History will be the judge! It’s just my opinion.


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