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It is Not if He will Attack, but When.

January 12, 2007

It is time at we face the truth, this administration is going to attack Iran and, or Syria. George W. Bus has laid his cards on the table. He has sent Patriot Missiles into the Persian Gulf. As I write this he has ordered more carriers in to the region. To fight in Iraq. Why do we need Aircraft carriers, and Patriot Missiles to handle Iraq? We do not. Read On.>>>

ThePentagon said today, next month it will build the Army and Marines to a combined 92,000 more troop, besides those slated for the so-called Surge(Escalation) by Bush. This will be accomplished by recalling National Guard and Reserves earlier than planed. These troops had just gotten off a yearlong tour of Afghanistan. They will also be sending the Patriot Missile Battalion.
Wash Times

Maj. Randy Taylor, a spokesman for the 3rd Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment at Fort Bliss, Texas, said that Patriot unit has been ordered to deploy to the Gulf region, but he would not identify the specific country or the specific date in February, citing security concerns. He was unable to say how many soldiers will deploy with the Patriot missiles. The last time the unit deployed to the Gulf was in 2003, Maj. Taylor said.

We have to realize, this is on top of 25,000 troops Bush is already sending over in the Surge. Just how many troops will end up in the region?

As bush stated last night, there are more Navel vessels on their way to the Persian Gulf, and The Striates of Hormuz.

The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis is scheduled to leave the United States this month for the Persian Gulf region in a naval buildup aimed partly as a warning to Iran.

Pentagon officials said last month that the extra ships would serve as a show of force to Iran, at odds with the United States over its nuclear program and alleged support of violence in Iraq. They said the ships also would be available to help in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – and possibly nearby in Indian Ocean waters off the coast of Somalia, a lawless nation that authorities say has been a haven for Islamic radicals.
The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower left its Norfolk, Va., port in September and is already in the gulf region. The Stennis is homeported in Bremerton, Wash.

Something else we must face up to is the fact that this Lunatic in the White House has put the troops in Iraq in a very dangerous position. Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has already said that if an attack is brought against Iran he will kill American troops in Iraq. I know that any Bush backing Neo-Co that is reading this right now is probably saying, if they kill any American troops, we ill wipe them off the map. Ah then there are my favorites, turn Iran into glass, and the classic, turn it into a parking lot. I bet soldiers that are stationed there feel better.

As I said in my earlier diary, you could tell the way Bush was delivering tat speech last night, especially the part about Iran and Syria, that he was delivering a message to the world, and that Massage is, he is tired of playing by the rules and is going to handle it the way he did Iraq. If there is one little flinch by Iran and he will start WW III.


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