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Lieberman to Caucus with Democrats. What a joke.

January 8, 2007

One of the reasons, the biggest reasons Joe Lieberman lost in the democratic primaries was his stance on the war in Iraq. So should it be any surprise that he is backing the (P)residents possible plan to send 20 to 50 thousand more troops as a surge to Iraq? Does this shock anyone; Lieberman and G.W. Bush come from the same cloth. While Senator Bidden, Schumer, Reid, and Durbin, were denouncing Bush’s plan to send more troops into Iraq, Lieberman was telling how more is better.

Across town an hour earlier, at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman shared his own thoughts on Bush’s plan. “We need an increase in troops there now,” he asserted before an audience of military experts and academics. “It must be substantial, and it must be sustained.”

What amazes me, is that anyone heard Lieberman with his head so far up the Republicans ass.

When asked after his win as an Independent candidate who he would caucus with, he said that he would be with the democratic caucus. Well it isn’t looking that way, and personally, I don’t think it will change. In my personal opinion, Lieberman will side with what he feels is best for Israel. He is for shedding the blood of our troops for the betterment of Israel. Please do not get me wrong he is by far not the only one who feels this way and will not be the last. But enough of that.

Lieberman was sworn in last week as the chamber’s one and only “independent Democrat,” with the emphasis on “independent.” On most issues, including big domestic priorities, he expects to vote as he has for the past 18 years, as a loyal Democrat. But on Iraq, Lieberman is more in sync with Bush than are many Republicans. He is a passionate defender of the war as a death struggle against Islamic terrorism.

I have always stayed away from calling anyone a Zionist, or Anti-Semitic, that just isn’t me. However, this is something that jumps out and grabs me by the testis, and I have to say something about it. So what other legislators are willing to use our troops to advance the wellbeing of the Israelis, is it really about 200 dollar a barrel oil? If that is what it is about then there are millions of Americans that are promoting that and do not realize it.

Without knowing it, every time you bitch about the high price of oil you are sending a message and an excuse for this administration to continue this debacle. Bush even told us as much in the days leading up to the last election in November, when he used the 5 to 8 dollar gas prices, as a last gasp reason for being in Iraq and continuing the War on Terror.

No matter what happens with the decision by Bush, it will not bring the troops home. Bush is not that kind of person. He will keep our troops in their as they are killed, only to let the next leader be known as “The Cut-N-Run President. George W. Bush cares for the troops, as a rancher cares for his cattle. They are there for the money they can make him. Moreover, I personally feel that sending more troops into Iraq, is sending them to the slaughter. He and those like Joe Lieberman must be stopped, and it is up to the Democratic Congress, to come up with that way. Even if it means cutting the funding for the war.

Has CNN Completely Joined the Dark Side?

In the past I have given CNN the benefit of the doubt that they are still one of the Fairest of the cable news networks but going over the Media Matters weekly roundup this morning I find that they are turning more Fox Like every day.

In an interview with Presidential candidate John Edwards, they ran with the answer to a question that was caused by a satellite delay. Yes a satellite delay. It was as plain as the nose on your face, and yet they pushed it as something it was not. CNN

Maybe I am being a little sensitive on this, but there is no need to dig the republicans out of the ditch they have so deservedly put themselves.

Look, I am not saying that all news cast should be for the democrats and liberals, but they should be done truthfully and not ripped apart so that the newsperson is breaking news that is not true. What is worse, it goes unchallenged. A few watchdog groups like Media Matters try to real them in. However, those like Bill Oreilly tell their half-baked listeners, that this is just a group that is out to smear him. We know that especially in Bill’s case if they are watching him, most are oblivious to the truth anyhow.

Although I have singled out CNN, it is not just them. MSNBC is guilty also. They give us the man Keith Olbermann, but for the most part the rest of the line up is conservative. Yes, I know they have Matthews, but at times I wonder where he is. I point to the Amy Goodman incident during a live broadcast on their 10th Anniversary show, when Amy brought up the firing of Phil Donahue. For those who do not know, Phil had the number one show in the time slot and was dropped. Some feel that it came from the pressure of the White House. I truly do not know, however I feel it was a dumb move.

We need to let the media know that we are aware of what is going on. I know that some of you are saying that you do not get your news from the mainstream media, but you know that millions do and that they are buying lock, stock, and barrel, and that is as dangerous as what that saying stands for. A rifle.


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