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With the New Laws Will There Ever Be the Need For a Draft?

January 5, 2007

Let’s just say for the heck of it that the Bush man says that he wants a draft, what will it take to get the program up and rolling. Read on.>>>

Really there would not be that much to reinstate the program. The Selective Service is always manned incase the need for a draft becomes a reality.
Real Truth

A spokesman for the Selective Service said, “We’re told not to do a particular thing but to be prepared to do it. We just continue to carry out our mission as mandated by Congress.” He also stated that the Selective Service is “like a small-town fire volunteer fire company. There may never be a fire, but you still want that department there just in case”

One plan incase of the need for a draft is to draft specialist.

However, the draft would pull in unwilling soldiers, which would not benefit the military at all. So then, the question becomes what to do? With the military stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq, should the country come under attack, or another heated conflict erupt in North Korea or Iran will we be able to handle it? The answer is no. But what these articles don’t cover, is the us of Soldiers of Fortune, (Mercenaries), and non-citizen recruitment.

To replace the failing recruitment number the Pentagon has been knocking around the idea of recruiting foreigners with the promise if you fight for the US, you will receive US citizenship.


The armed forces, already struggling to meet recruiting goals, are considering expanding the number of non-citizens in the ranks, including disputed proposals to open recruiting stations overseas and put more immigrants on a faster track to U.S. citizenship if they volunteer, according to Pentagon officials.

Both the numbers of Mercenaries and Foreign Soldiers have grown since 9-11-2001.The U.S. Embassy alone has been reported to employ at least 5,500 individuals. It is also reported that the Mercenaries are the second largest force in Iraq, after the US Troops. Moreover, the number of foreign troops has risen from 750 to 4,600

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan grind on, the Pentagon has warned Congress and the White House that the military is stretched “to the breaking point.”
President George W. Bush and Robert Gates, his new defense secretary, have acknowledged that the size of the military must be expanded to help alleviate the strain on ground troops.
That has led Pentagon officials to consider casting a wider net for non-citizens who are already in the United States, said Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Hilferty, an army spokesman.

Already, the army and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security have “made it easier for green-card holders who do enlist to get their citizenship,” Hilferty said. Other army officials, who asked not to be identified, said personnel officials were working with Congress and other parts of the government to test the feasibility of going beyond U.S. borders to recruit soldiers and marines.

During his reign as Commander and Chief, G.W. Bush has tried to privatize the war from the ground up. Is this a bad thing, selling the nations security to the highest bidder, even if they are from an unfriendly country? I certainly think so. However, it would raise the argument that it will save American lives.

What choices does the administration have, seeing as how George W. Bush is bound and determined to press forward with this folly. Bush has taken pulling the troops off the table. He says that he is going to escalate the war with a temporary surge of US troops, which will break further an already broken military. Is it time for we parents to make travel arrangements for out children. If they decide that they need to reinstate the draft, will it reach out as the recruiting did to people ages 18 to 42? Will it take married as well as those in college? Will it include the last son to carryon the family name? Something that the last draft did not do.

We can only hope, as I stated in an earlier post, Bush proves us all wrong and does not push on with his plan to send more troops into Iraq to become targets for the insurgents. That the reason he keeps delaying his announcement of how he is going to redirect the war is to bring home the troops, and not to kill more of them.

Tinfoil Hat Time


Currently, Pentagon policy stipulates that only immigrants legally residing in the United States are eligible to enlist. There are about 30,000 non-citizens who serve in the U.S. armed forces, making up about 2 percent of the active-duty force, according to statistics from the military and the Council on Foreign Relations. About 100 such non-citizens have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A recent change in U.S. law, however, gave the Pentagon authority to bring immigrants to the United States if it determines it is vital to national security. So far, the Pentagon has not taken advantage of it, but the calls are growing to use this new authority.

I can see a real major drawback to this plan, can you? Let’s just say, the government is a Power Hungry Government, and that they are going to do a few things that the people might unite over, and cause great problems. Like protest in the streets, taking over state buildings, or a possible revolution. (I am just saying, could happen.) Now above said government would need to use the military to regain control over the people. However, the Americans in the military refuse to fire upon their own. Well that is ok because now they have foreigners with no true allegiances to the people of this country. Now I am just saying before this plan of the Pentagon is allowed to go forward, we as a nation need to look at the downfalls of such a plan.

I have given you a few things to think about, and you may need time to digest this. On the other hand, you may want to go and research this further. Whatever it is, do not take to much time because you do not have it. Sleep well tonight and don’t let he fascist bite.

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  1. justin permalink
    December 29, 2008 11:46 pm

    i think there should be a draft because like the vetinam war we had nothign to do with and there was a draft and the war for iraq freedom we should and the main reasin is to get men in the army or wahtever because all men should serve in the us armed forces


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