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Does this Only Bother Me? More Targets for the Insurgents.

January 3, 2007

I have been writing on this for sometime now, so if anyone should be numbed by the latest leak out of the White House it should be me. Even Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment was on this subject last night. From the leak, we find that George W. Bush is going to announce his new plan for Iraq this week, and it will change how history will look at his reign in office. Read on.>>>

His plan to send 20 thousand or more troops to the Middle East, is all on him, and his crack smoking staff. His generals are against it, 38% of the troops on the ground in Iraq are against it, members of his own party are against it. For God’s sake, even Barney is against It.

He is ready to send more Mothers, and Fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, to be targets for the rebels. Why? His own people are saying that we cannot win this war’ the most that can be hoped for is containment. Containment of the wide spread violence. Violence that was invited to come to Iraq when George W. Bush uttered those immortally stupid words, “Bing it on.” The other stupid phrase I am sick of is, “We have to fight them there, so we aren‘t fighting them here”. Anyone with half a brain knew the only way we would have fought the Iraqi forces here is if we gave them “Air Fare”.

George is playing that childhood game The Farmer in the Dell. The game is simple, the farmer picks a wife, and the wife picks a child, and so on. By the end of the game, everyone leaves the circle and the Cheese stands alone. Well someone needs to tell George that he is the Cheese and he is alone.

Trying to make the people of this country feel better about what we are going to hear from the “Cheese”, the administration is trying to get ahead of it by, telling the nation that the total amount of Cannon Fodder will not be sent over from the States, but some will have their tours extended. Don’t yell at me, that is what they are saying.

Last night Keith Olbermann brought up a point that will tell a lot about the people of this once great nation. If George does not change his plan to Sacrifice 20 thousand troops, plus those who are already over there. If he does not prove those who think that he is on an ego trip wrong (Myself included.), we should take to the street in massive protest, so that he hears what we think, and the message in unmistakable. We must set aside our capital gain so that we do not put ourselves in the position of being like those who started this for that very reason. We must sacrifice a little, so that our loved ones do not have to make the Ultimate Sacrifice.

If the Democrats buy into this lunatic’s plan, we must make it clear that they will be looking for a new position. One that will not let them hold the balance of lives in their hands.

If you did not know, some of the democrats have said that they would go along with the plan for a “Short Term” escalation of troops. This in my eyes places them in the same category as “The Blood Soaked Chimp”. Sorry if you find that name offensive. It is the name that I called G.W. Bush awhile back, and stopped because of the owner of a site I blogged on. Something I should have never done.

While doing research for this diary, I came across a video clip from CNN of Jack Cafferty, on the cost of the Iraq war. Although it is not the most important part of the equation for myself, it ranks up there in the top three. I will include it here for your viewing.

This is a time when we cannot be taking political sides, something that I have found that a certain site I post on has done. This is a time when we must do whatever it takes to take back our country and stop the senseless slaughter, while rescuing our loved ones from an unnecessary trip into harms way.


Ps. Top three list, 1. Troops home safe. 2. Bush removed from office, on war crimes. 3. The cost of the war.

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