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Mutiny in Iraq

December 28, 2006

It seems that some of the U.S. military has decided that they will not take orders from the Commander and Chief. According to Almoharrer Newspaper, troops from the American VI Battalion do not want to fight the insurgents any more but want to be smuggled into Turkey and seeking diplomatic immunity.

Iraqi military sources told the newspaper that the reason that the American Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Baghdad urgently after two days he received his new post as a Defense Minister; is to extinguish a military mutiny carried out by American VI Battalion based in Anbar, after refusing to obey orders and prefer not to leave their base in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province.

What dose this mean if anything? If this is big news why is the mainstream press not covering it? Is it possible that the Bush administration’s keeping a tight fist on this story because of what it might do to those that disagree with their policies, such as Bush’s own generals?

After the visit by the newly confirmed Secretary of Defense, the same Generals that spoke out against the sending of more U.S. troops, said that they needed more troops to help take control of the region. The New York Times and other papers ran the same interview with a PFC, which said more troops would be a welcome thing. Although they neglected to run the interviews with others that said they don’t think more troops are needed but they need to rap it up and get out of Iraq.

Do the Pakistanis Know Something We Don’t?

As I sit here writing down my opinions on this God Forsaken war, the activity by the Air National Guard in my area is going hot and heavy. In the past the only time they moved this much there was going to be some sort of movement in the war. The flight pattern goes directly over my house, and has been bumped up to double the runs.

I was researching something for the last part of this diary and I came across this Editorial in the Pakistan Daily Times. I found it interesting in part because some of the statements have not even been told by our press. (Which means it is mot true, right?)

According to the latest news, the Pentagon is expected to send 3,500 troops into Kuwait “to stand ready for use in Iraq”. The ‘call-forward’ force has been requested by Army General John Abizaid, head of the military command responsible for the Middle East, and must be approved by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Further down in the editorial the author makes a good point about a U.S. trained Iraq army.

It has been more or less agreed that America can no longer dissuade the Iraqis from fighting their civil-sectarian war and should get its troops out of there to avoid more casualties. The plan to ‘embed’ American soldiers with the Iraqi army and the police has turned out to be unrealistic because the Iraqi army is helpless to attach its loyalty to the central government, which itself is propped up by sectarian militias. The plan to retain a much smaller number of American troops for training purposes has also become irrelevant since the possibility of the well-trained Iraqi soldier killing his own people cannot be ruled out.

From the picture that is being painted in the article leads me to believe the author is a bit naïve. If the administration is in fact pulling the troops to the borders of Iraq it is not to sit and wait for unrest in that country, it will be to pressure and possibly attack Iran. You would have to think, knowing this administration and the way they operate, that all the firepower they have sitting in the Gulf that they close to moving on Iran.

Now this is just the observation I have made from my research, things that look rather obvious to me.


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  1. December 29, 2006 1:19 am

    Great post here AmericanBad!


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