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Is Iran the Target of The Buildup in the Gulf?

December 20, 2006

Is Iran the target of the plans being drawn up at the Pentagon to move more carriers in the Persian Gulf? Read on.>>>

It seems that the Pentagon is in the process of moving at least one more Aircraft Carrier in to The Persian Gulf to flex some muscle. This could possibly be the Bush administration saying we might not have the man power to continue the fight, but we have what we need for a tactical strike.

in the past I have written numerous blogs and diaries on the chance that this administration would go after Iran over the so called nuclear issues. Also I have been called crazy for even suggesting that the administration would try to run air strikes and use tactical missiles off of carriers. I was told it would be suicide for this administration to attempt such a thing.

Many people have said that if backed into a corner, George W. Bush would react irrationally, and that is exactly what is happening. G.W. finds himself alone on the Iraq vision that the Neo-Cons had planed. His PNAC buddies have left him to take the rap. (Although he deserves it.) He is now being shot down by the Generals in the field, who are telling him not send troops, and that defeat in Iraq is a realistic option. George W. Bush in his infinite wisdom is steadfast on sending 20 to 50 thousand troops into the slaughter.

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For as many times as George Bush has said that he respects the Generals decisions, and that he would listen to what they said they needed. His latest move shows that he has no respect for what they have to say in the least.

President Bush’s controversial plans to send tens of thousands more US troops to Iraq are being resisted by leading figures at the Pentagon.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US military’s most senior generals, are concerned that such a short-term surge in the US presence would further fuel the fighting by armed factions in Iraq rather than pacify the country.

I can almost set their minds at ease that if more troops are sent it will not be for a shot period of time. As he has shown in his action of the past, both political and privet George W. does not like to lose. And now his back is up against the wall. With his approval ratings approaching the 30 percent mark, and his handling of the Iraq war even worse, you would think he would do what he did with Sammy Sosa, and trade our troops for Iraq, Syria, and possibly Iran. Then get our troops out of there.

It is time, George W. Bush realizes that his legacy is one of a failed leader, and the only hope for him to improve on it is to end our involvement in that part of the world. Although it will never happen it needs to be done and let Israel become the watchdog of the Middle East.

I say it will not happen because, in January is feared that Bush will call for as many as 50,000 troops to be called up and sent to Iraq.

Mr. Bush is expected to lay out his new thinking on Iraq in the new year, and officials have indicated that he is likely to order in up to 50,000 more US troops.

On top of all that is going on with Iraq, the troops are stretched to thin. Bush wants the Pentagon to up the military enrolment way beyond its 7,000 are year, which is where its now.

Mr. Bush, in an interview in today’s Washington Post, said that he was addressing a major concern of the Joint Chiefs that the US military was stretched too thin worldwide. He said that he had instructed Robert Gates, the new Defense Secretary, to give him a plan to substantially increase the Army and Marines for the long-term fight against terrorism. Mr. Gates will travel to Iraq soon and will be a key player in what decision is made.

Will there be a draft? I cannot be sure at this point, but it is the only way I can see the Pentagon getting the numbers that are wanted by the White House. I cannot see troops being removed from South Korea, with the problems facing that region at this time.

Last night on “Scarborough Country” Pat Buchanan point out there is no way that a land invasion is possible. With the lack of troops that faces the military it would be a suicide mission.

On the other hand, there is much speculation on why G.W. is pushing so hard to build up the Middle East. I guess we will only know in time.


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  1. December 21, 2006 11:01 pm

    I think we’ll end up going to Iran regardless of who is in charge Aba. The democrats seem to be war hungry too. These people in our government are globalist, not conservative, and not democrat.

    The toughest part will be to watch our fellow Americans pay a higher price then what we have with Iraq, and there will be a higher price. Katrina, the number of dead, and the cost is nothing compared to what it will be like if we do go head to head with Iran.

    Great post! Keep it up!


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