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The Battle of the Baghdad.

December 19, 2006

This was posted in the reply box on one of my other blogs. As the poster states, I cannot vouch for the author of the following report, but the website does vouch for him.

The report tells of the plans for a surge of 20 to 30 thousand more troops into Baghdad for a Battle of the Bulge type battle.

FTS Wire
Report from the Front:
Dear DEA Watch:
Today I am writing as a witness-journalist and not as a military officer. My report is as follows:

Twenty-seven hours before the WH began ‘leaking’ news of its impending Iraq troop increase for a “one, last, final attempt at military victory”, at 13:30 PST on 11 December someone who read my report stated the following: “The writer from Baghdad’s reports are very inciteful… but I think the decision has already been made. Word on the street is Bush has decided to go with a variation of the McCain option of infusing a sizable contingent of new combat troops over the short haul to stabilize the worsening situation. People are saying that Bush is stalling for time to get our troops indiscreetly moved into jump-off status… We’re hearing here in this building that troop deployments won’t be concluded until “very early January” which will give a majority of these new troops a chance to be at home during Christmas. They will report back to their stations for transport to Iraq NLT 27 December”
I believe I know the author of the above. Only he or someone assigned to his office in the JCS Office at the Pentagon could confirm my report. If I do not survive, please send him my best.
Since last Wednesday, and which has been directly confirmed due to the DEA Watch leak of my report, the WH has been actively informing all of the WH Press Corps and the editors of all the cable and broadcast news stations to prepare the American public for a major military operation which is in the works.
Obviously, the WH wants to get the American public used to the idea before it happens… and prepared for a rise in resulting casualties. All should be advised that this pending military operation is not a ruse by the WH to frighten our military opponents in Iraq to make a mistake or slow down their ops. Nor should anyone be misled to believe that are our military’s impending operations here are intended to bolster the morale of our troops. Our troops want out, not death.
Most importantly, all should be advised that the wannabes, wussies, sissies and cowards who avoided either military or war service (in most cases, both) who are planning the upcoming military operations are destined, as usual, to total and complete failure, as usual. Just as Hitler’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’ failed, George Bush’s ‘Battle of Baghdad’ will also fail. We have computed the outcome a thousand times. The results consistently come back negative.
McCain and Leiberman were recently here. Both are 100% wrong and both are criminal. McCain was never an infantry officer. He has no infantry or ground-fighting credibility or knowledge. McCain’s only combat experience was killing from 10,000 feet in a jet moving at Mach Three. McCain’s POW history proved him to be a coward as he complied with his captors rather than die as many other American POW’s chose over capitulation as McCain cowardly did.
As for ‘Tail Gunner Joe’ Leiberman, he is and will always be a Jew first and an American second. Leiberman will support any option that results in the death of even one Muslim. Leiberman refused to serve in the military during Vietnam. Like George Bush, Leiberman is a gutless coward. He speaks more for Israel than for our country.
If there is ever a case of clear evidence that any DEA S/A can take to any USA for a guaranteed, quick conviction, it can be shown that anything and everything George Bush touches has and will fail… as will his pending ‘Battle of Baghdad’.
We are being told here in the ‘City of Despair’ that CINC Bush plans that Saddam Hussein’s jail cell should suffer a direct hit during this period. We project that thousands upon thousands will die.
My personal advice to the Saudi’s is not to cross the border as they plan to defend their Sunni brethren, but to fortify their border for as long as they can. Saudi Arabia is as guilty as CINC Bush because SA chose to profit from Iraq’s oil market absence. SA is next on the chopping block. That entire country is destined to become the next ‘Baghdad’. Kuwait will cease to exist.
Over the past 48 hours we have received more shipments of Purple Heart medals and bodybags than ever before. We thank CINC Bush for his thoughtfulness in getting these items prioritized over more needed supplies… such as armored vehicles… in which shipments to Iraq have been falling because the primary manufacture is pi**ed-off that CINC Bush failed to nuke the company’s union strength by losing the recent election. The company that supplies our armored Humvees wants to employ non-union immigrants on its assembly limes. The Americans who work those assembly lines oppose being replaced by cheap, foreign-based labor. Be advised that those American laborers are the fathers, mothers, wives, fiancees and children of our soldiers in Iraq. We support them.
We advise the King of Jordan to resume his Hollywood pursuits. When Saudi Arabia become embroiled in civil unrest, Jordan will be toast.
We oppose providing nuclear warfare technology to SA Sunni’s for the purpose of counteracting Shia Iran. As evidence, we used Saddam to contain the Shia in Iraq, then the Bush Family backstabbed Saddam. The Bush Family will backstab Saudi Arabia more quickly than they backstabbed Iraq. Kuwait wasn’t worth this current ‘war’ in Iraq being wrongly misrepresented by the Bush Family as part of the so-called “War on Terror” the Bush Family invented.
CINC Bush is bad news in the city…

As I said above if this is credible, God help the troops that Bush is sending as the sacrifice.


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