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Bush The Lamest Duck Ever.

December 12, 2006

With the forming of a new Foreign Policy Think Tank, The Committee for a Strong Europe, and their pick for Chairman, Senator John McCain. Ladies and gentlemen, we can just about bet that McCain will be the front runner for the Neo-Con, but you can bet that we will see a much softer approach as compared to the “2004”. Read on.>>>

The reason I bring this up is because, George W. Bush is finding himself more and more alone as time goes on. Between the Iraq war, and the economy, people in his regime are bailing, the main people that started with Bush, the PNAC clan, they are all but gone, and the only reason Cheney is still there is because, he is the self appointed Vice (P)Resident.

With all of this going on, and the on coming of a Democratic controlled Legislator, G.W. finds himself in a place that will possibly cause him to need to up his anti-psychotic drugs a couple hundred milligrams. Also with the CSE looking at McCain for a run in “08” much the same way they approached George W. Bush in 1998 for his run “2000”. So it looks as if the writing is basically on the wall.

Two out of three people think the US is losing in Iraq, and Bush’s poll numbers are at 32%. The same number Richard Nixon’s numbers were when he resigned. I really feel that a good office pool would be on what date George W. Bush goes off the deep end, because we know how well he handles criticism. Every time I see Bush take the podium I expect to here, Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare”

A lot people I talk too always ask, why people want to Impeach George W. Bush when he only has 2 years left? I usually ask if they saw what he did in the two years following 9-11-2001. And if you break it down into 2 year intervals, He can do a shit-load of damage in 2 years. Will he be impeached, I don’t think so. Will there be an inquiry into his actions, I hope so, but doubt it. Because just like the parent that doesn‘t want the hassle of disciplining their child, this Congress doesn‘t want to deal with Bush.

One thing that the people don’t want to do is be lulled into a false sense of security when George W. does step down. The reason being that these Neo-Con think-tanks will find another lackey to replace him. McCain seems to be their next choice.

They just began inviting politicians and pundits from both side of the Atlantic to join. The honorary chairmen will be the former Spanish prime minister José Maria Aznar and Senator John McCain.

It seems to that we need to worry due to the fact that only as of today I have found only a small hand full that even know about this. 10 bloggers are talking about this, and even less news publications. This may seem like it is not that important but that is what people thought of PNAC. Bill Maher said on one of his shows, that Think-tanks like PNAC, and The Henry Jackson Society, got it wrong on the Iraq war, but he could not be more wrong. The PNAC agenda called for the war in Iraq, but the administration handled it so poorly that the active members have washed their hands of it. However they got what they wanted, the Middle East in total chaos and a reason to back Israel.

Anyone that has read Bill Kristol’s writings, or has seen his interviews, knows that he is calling for the next attack to be on Iran, and for this he makes no apologies. William who has followed in his fathers foot steps(Irving Kristol) has said in a coy sort of way that Iran must be taken down, because of their threat to Israel.

As I said above we must not take these Neo-Con lightly, or let them drop off our radar. Because as long as the hold the power that they do, and there is an Israel, the United States will do their bidding.


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  1. Intrepidly permalink
    December 17, 2006 1:19 am

    Good post ABA! You should add it to the category of “Politics” you’ll get more readers. 🙂

    We certainly can’t let the neo-cons just fall off the radar, even if they don’t hold seats of power anymore. They may be dropping off like flies from the administration but people must remember…

    They are a threat in every aspect…that is what money has done to our government body.


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