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What Dose this 38 Million Dollars Hold in store?

December 6, 2006

Congress decided to make one of their last acts would be to spend 38 million dollars on saving internment camps. Yes, 10 of those nice little retreats that housed Japanese Americans during WW II are going to get a face-lift. Read on.>>>


The Senate passed the bill last month. The Park Service says the program is too expensive, but the White House has not signaled opposition to it.
“Preserving these internment sites is a solemn task we all bear,” said Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Calif., who was born in the Potson camp in Arizona in 1944. “Those who come after us will have a physical reminder of what they will never allow to happen again.”
The camps housed more than 120,000 Japanese-American U.S. citizens and residents under an executive order signed by President Roosevelt in 1942. At the time there were fears that Japanese-Americans were loyal to Japan, and Roosevelt’s order prohibited such people from living on the West Coast.

The bill is earmarked for research and restoration of the ten camps. If you read the statement by House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas, R-Calif, it almost sounds as if he is justifying the camps and the imprisonment of the Japanese.

The understanding of this period in our history is essential. It has to do with fundamental rights even of native-born citizens in time of war,” said House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas, R-Calif.

Is There a Build-up of Right on the Left?

Last night when I went to pick my daughter up, I was flipping through the stations and landed on Michael Savage, who was saying that the people on Welfare should not have the right to vote, because they will vote democrat to get their Welfare rights renewed. I laughed him off as I always do, and shut off the radio.

On my way home I turned the radio back on, and he was saying that leftist should be put a way, which is nothing new for Savage but more are jumping in and going after the left. The Democrats are no longer being bunched with the far left. The Vast Left is in the sights of the Right-Wing pundits now, like never before.

Today Rush Limp-balls started the Left right away. He was calling for the heads of people like myself and anyone that speaks out against the administration. Was there another meeting between the White House and Pundits? Are they echoing the wants of the White House? It seems to be, because the last time they all hit on the same subject was to run an all out attack on the Democrats. So what is up? Maybe they are getting ready for an assault on the dissenters. If so, the camps will be ready.


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  1. December 10, 2006 11:45 pm

    My dad’s father was plucked from Western PA. and sent to a camp in Texas during the war. He had a booming plumbing business and lost everything because of it.

    I will never trust this government.


  2. December 10, 2006 4:54 pm

    As the neo-con policues fall into ruin, they will be searchign everywhere for anyone to blame but themselves. Their attitude is very much “we know what we were doing is right, so if it failed, it’s because of the people who didn’t go along with us.” I fear this will get much worse.

    My grandad was a recent German immigrant in Canada during the war. The Mounties came by a few times and chatted with him and his neighbours, but that was it. Canada is such a polite country, the one German spy they caught during the war was fined for entering the country illegally and allowed to stay. The US internment camps were a crime, but on the plus side, they only happened because one General was rabid on the subject. JMO Doug


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