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The Arrogance of the Bush.

November 29, 2006

As I return from my visit with my brother-in-Law in Virginia yesterday, I turned on the news for the first time in 5 days to hear that the Bush administration refuses to call this a Civil War in Iraq. In a poll taken over a month ago the people who participated said that they believe Iraq is in a civil war and has been for sometime now. So what this (P)Resident is saying in all of his arrogance is that he knows better than the generals, members of his own party, and the people of the United States. This man that has no military experience, and the time he spent in the National Guard, was spent partying, and running political campaigns.

George W. Bush, made an unsuccessful run for Congress, and then hooked up with Carl Rove and ran for Governor of Texas. While governor, he managed to use his policies to nearly bankrupt the state of Texas. His so-called Clean Air policies dropped Houston to near last in air quality. A program that was developed for Governor Bush called; “No Child Left Behind” dropped Texas to 49th in education. This is the very same program that he put in place when he entered the White House, and is run by the same man that headed it in Texas. As he did in Texas, Bush brags on the money allocated for education under his administration. This is true that money has been earmarked for education but never reaches its destination.

One of things that should really anger the people of this nation, is the fact that George W. Bush brought his failed polices to the national level, which have now shown the same results. The time this man has been in office he has accomplished nothing positive for the nation. If you consider running the deficit nearly double that of when he was placed into office, a good thing, then he has done a bang up job. His education policies have placed the U.S. at the lowest it has ever been in the world. His Clean Air policies have done nothing except benefited the Oil companies and other corporations. Long story short he has done everything to push his own agenda, which is to line his pockets, and those associated with him.

In my many years of research, I have found many reasons for going into the Middle East via Afghanistan, and Iraq, non of which come close to matching those given by this administration.

Afghanistan was done because something had to be done, to prove his strength, after 9-11-2001. Also because, it was a way of introducing the U.S. military in to the region with out much critique of their plan. Yes it also put the U.S. military with in quick strike range of Iraq.

The U.S. was not in Afghanistan even two months when the White House began releasing stories on Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s ill intent. With that vision planted in the American public’s mind, the spin began. The talk of Saddam trying to get Yellow Cake Uranium, to start up his nuclear weapons factories, and the forty-five minute Mushroom Cloud, was implanted into the American’s mind. They then released that Saddam was training terrorist, of Osama Bin Laden, (a man that Saddam hated).

While in Afghanistan over 4 million dollars that was in the war chest for the Afghanistan war, was taken and used to start building up for the attack on Iraq even before it was brought t the publics attention that there was a possibility of going into Iraq. This was brought to light when a retired General was tracking movements in the region, when he noticed a long string of lights along the border of Kuwait, using Google Earth. (It was his hobby.)

The other thing that really blew my mind was the speech given by Newt Gingrich on the freedom of speech. Gingrich wants to put the Constitution on the shelf while we are fighting the war on terror, does that freak you out? If it doesn’t, think about it, the war on terror is a never ending war. What they want is to muzzle those of us that are speaking out on the fact that this Neo-Con bunch is trying to silence the dissent that is now coming in waves. They will have to hold the people down soon because they are about to start some shady under takings things that we thought would not be part of the equation. The first will be the draft, or something that calls for mandatory service to the government.

The administration is planning on more movement on the war on terror, and they don’t have the bodies. As it stands right now, the majority of the people are trying to figure out why the administration is keeping the troops in Iraq for the slaughter. However when a mandatory service system is put in place the numbers will grow. Gingrich is not worried about the terrorist destroying a city, he is worried that the people will rise up and demand that the wars be stopped and the troops brought home.

If the Constitution is shelved it would not be the first time, and it would not be the first time it was used to silence the people. There is a frightening thought that sends chills down my spine every time I think about it; there are people that would gladly give up their freedoms to achieve a false sense of protection. I agree with Bob Cesca when he said, “we should be willing to die at the hands of a thousand terrorist attacks before giving up our liberties.” By giving up your liberties you give your child’s away also.

Newt Gingrich, wants to control all that is read and wrote. They want to control what you are able to see on the internet. Sites such as Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan will no longer exist. People who speak out, and write unfavorable of the power will be silenced by that power.

So, as you lay your head down to sleep tonight remember, all that has been predicted about where this country is going to end up, has come to pass, and the worst is yet to come. Because all great powers have crumbled, and this one is following the trek in history. Greed and corruption has brought down the most powerful nations, and this is no different.


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