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Get Out Your Decoder Rings, No More PNAC, Say Hello to the “CFASE” & “HJS” .

November 22, 2006

Sunday I ended my diary by talking about PNAC, and that Bill Kristol said that PNAC was fading away. I also said that I would keep you informed when I found something new, so here it is.

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Well I guess Bill Kristol was not lying when he said that PNAC was fading away. I will admit that I never thought that PNAC would give in so easy, but I guess after the mess the Bush administration has made of their plans, for the Middle East, and the fact that they are now very well known they had to do something.

The PNAC Boys have formed a new club. Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, Gary Schmitt and other members of PNAC, have formed “Committee for a Strong Europe.” The Boys have begun to set up their roster, with some rather interesting names. On their list is someone who I find a little shocking Senator John McCain who is one of the honorary chairmen . it seems that they will be drawing recruits from both sides of the Atlantic, seeing as they have made former Spanish prime minister José Maria Aznar, the other honorary chairmen.

The good thing about PNAC is they were noticed. The reason we found out about them was, stupidity on there part. One of the members set up a board online to communicate to other members, and they were checked up on. So to cover their ass and make it look as if there was nothing shady about them, they set up the we all know and love.Liberation (It’s in French, so good luck with that.) Translated T.G.

American neoconservatives, the intellectuals who inspired the foreign
policies of the Bush team, have decided to launch an ideological offensive
in Europe, a continent which up to now has ignored their strategic vision.
According to our information, their laboratory of ideas, PNAC (The Project
for a New American Century), is setting up a trans-Atlantic network
dubbed “The Committee for a Strong Europe.”

So, what are they planning to with their new heading and new leadership? Well if we read their “Statement of Principles”, we find that the wording has become softer, and the targets have changed. However, the desired affect and out come are still there. They have not come straight out and named countries as they did under the PNAC Agenda, but if you know anything about the agenda of The Project of the New American Century, you know of whom they speak. Guiding Principles of The Committee For A Strong Europe


There is another Think Tank that has been set up in Britain called, The Henry Jackson Society or, The Project for Democratic Geopolitics. This society is made up of PNAC members, James Woolsey, Richard Perle, Joshua Muravchik, Clifford May, William Kristol, Robert Kagan and Bruce P. Jackson. The only two members that are not PNAC are, General Jack Sheehan (vice-president Bechtel) and Michael McFaul (who wrote a WSJ article advocating regime change in Iran in 2004, quoted heavily on the PNAC website).

Below are the Statements of principals of both The Committee For A Strong Europe, and The Henry Jackson Society. The numbered statements are from The Henry Jackson Society, and the bullets are The Committee For A Strong Europe.

1. Believes that modern liberal democracies set an example to which the rest of the world should aspire.

We believe that the desire for freedom is universal–unbounded by culture, religion or geography.

2. Supports a ‘forward strategy’ to assist those countries that are not yet liberal and democratic to become so. This would involve the full spectrum of our ‘carrot’ capacities, be they diplomatic, economic, cultural or political, but also, when necessary, those ‘sticks’ of the military domain.

We believe that all free nations must fight terrorism and adopt policies that challenge states that harbor or support terrorists.

3. Supports the maintenance of a strong military, by the United States, the countries of the European Union and other democratic powers, armed with expeditionary capabilities with a global reach.

4. Supports the necessary furtherance of European military modernization and integration under British leadership, preferably within NATO.

We believe both the United States and Europe should invest adequately in their armed forces so as to have strong militaries capable of serving in a wide variety of missions around the world.

5. Stresses the importance of unity between the world’s great democracies, represented by institutions such as NATO, the European Union and the OECD, amongst many others.

We believe that a strong partnership between the United States and Europe is crucial to the defense and promotion of freedom for all nations.

6. Believes that only modern liberal democratic states are truly legitimate, and that any international organization which admits undemocratic states on an equal basis is fundamentally flawed.

We believe that all free nations have an obligation to aid those living in tyranny, and that regimes that subjugate their own people at home will not be reliable friends and allies.

7. Gives two cheers for capitalism. There are limits to the market, which needs to serve the Democratic Community and should be reconciled to the environment.

We believe both Europe and the United States must have strong and free economies that encourage entrepreneurship and individual initiative and responsibility.

8. Accepts that we have to set priorities and that sometimes we have to compromise, but insists that we should never lose sight of our fundamental values. This means that alliances with repressive regimes can only be temporary. It also means a strong commitment to individual and civil liberties in democratic states, even and especially when we are under attack.

They are very close in their message, and I feel their massage is aimed at Iran, and, or, Syria. My reasoning behind this is Kristol has in for Iran, in every interview I have seen of him, he almost comes right out and says that he is pushing foe the Whitehouse to go after Iran. Perle also want Iran because of the threats they are making towards Israel.

I said that I would let you know of any new happenings on PNAC and I hope I have caught you up on what they have been up to since they seemed to have gone dormant a year ago. Nevertheless, one thing I will warn of do not take your PNAC it self.


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