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Criminal Minds Think Alike. & End It Now.

November 21, 2006

Should it come as a shock that the Bush administration brought in a war criminal to advise them on the Iraqi debacle, seeing as they their selves are included in that Hall of Shame. Of course, the man I am speaking of is Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s right hand man when it came to calling the Vietnam War. Kissinger is credited with being the architect that brought the U.S. out of the war. (Too little way to late.) However when he won the Nobel Peace Prize he could not pick it up due to the fact he was wanted on war crimes.

In 1974 Henry Kissinger, was the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, he shared the prize with Le Duc Tho, one of the North Vietnamese peace negotiators. Many have commented over the years that Tho should have been the main recipient of the Peace Price, but as it usually does politics played an evil part in the decision.

Fast forward to 2006, and we find that Kissinger, has mad a damning statement and reneged in the same breath. Kissinger is quoted as saying, “We cannot win this war, but we must stay.” What is sad about this statement is not the statement it self, but the fact that it was allowed to slide. It is getting very little airplay, whereas the statement of John F. Kerry is still being brought up at every turn. The Kerry botch, was nothing more than that, and was played over and over in the war zone to try and anger the troops to the point that the misquoted statement might have brought moral down, all in the name of a political ploy at election time.

However, you need not manipulate the Kissinger statement to know that what he said was that we know that we cannot win this thing, but we will leave you there, in grave danger, while we stay this losing course.

If anything that one statement told the troops, their families, and the American people that this administration does not care one iota about the men and women in the military, but they only care about the bottom line. It shows that like any other job, the employer feels that you can and will be replaced.

Talking heads like Joe Scarborough, gave the Kissinger statement a few minutes in which the seriousness of what was said never came to light. The right wing pundits avoided it altogether, instead rallying the Kerry joke again. [Go figure]

Another person the Neo-Cons are trying to demonize by playing dumb, and pretending not to understand what he is saying is Charlie Wrangle, They are trying to take his statement on bringing back the draft, and turn it into something it is not. His words were straight forward, and pulled no punches. With a draft, the war now becomes personal to everyone. It means that there is a good chance that someone you know will end up in Iraq, or somewhere in the Middle East. Whether it is a son, daughter, or someone in your community, it touches home. With a draft, there is a face put on this any other, misadventure a leader, and legislature try to take us to. There is a chance that with a draft lives could be saved, because of the outcry it would bring.

End It Now

Granted, it is too late for the 2500 plus, that have already been taken for a lie. It is also too late for the tens of thousands that were wounded physically and mentally for that same lie. And to the Iraqis, there will never be an apology that can replace the innocents that were killed because of lies, and a the actions of a leader and his blind followers that thought they saw some kind of end gain out of all of this. For them our actions and words were not heard or more likely ignored by this administration, but for those who remain, let our actions and words speak so loud that we can no longer be ignored. We must make this administration set up and take notice that we see this is wrong, and we will not let them stay their course, because it is wrong!



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