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A Question That’s Time Has Come Once Again.

November 20, 2006

“How do you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake?” A question that could be posed today just as it was April 23, 1971, and carry the same meaning. As that war was then we, are now, at the point of no plausible victory. Read on. >>>

We are close to the point in Iraq we were at in the Vietnam war was in 1971. We are told by the people of Iraq, that they want a chance to work this out for themselves, as a country. Only to this administration and PNAC, was it a must that Saddam be removed and the United States try to replace him with a government type that allowed them to hold an iron fist on the blood source of the world.

As Richard Dryfus pointed out in an appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher, we as the residence of this nation have to stand up and tell the government that we have had enough. We must tell them that what they are doing goes against what we feel is right. If they refuse to listen we must shout, if still refuse we must take to the streets, to show our discontent. Because if we set silent, we become complaisant with their actions.

What kind of man says that it is his right to torture and kill in the name of profit? What has this country become that it allows war to be an excuse to launder money, while spilling her children’s blood. What kind of country allows the few become wealthy and safe by spilling the blood of the unfortunate? A look in the mirror will show that is what this nation has become, as the man behind the curtain has enabled the few, to dictate to the masses.

Now with that said, I read an article today in the Washington Post, about the architects of this Iraq invasion, are turning against the Bush administration and their handling of the war. In fact they have been dissatisfied for some time now, but unlike what they did to President Clinton in the end run of his last term, when they wanted to show their feelings on his handling of North Korea, and Iraq, they let George W. Bush go on while thousands of our troops die, not to forget the thousands upon thousands of Iraqis that were killed. They just turned heir heads and waited for it to get better.

You maybe wondering of whom I speak. Who could have the power over our foreign affairs, that they would even attempt to tell a sitting leader what to do, or for that matter make his life ruff when he doesn’t follow their suggestions? Well I am willing to bet that at least 90% of those who made it this far know of the group I speak, PNAC.

Those of you that have followed my early diaries on Kos know that I have followed PNAC, and have gone as far as to put a timeline together putting the letters that they sent to Newt Gingrich, then to Bill Clinton on Clintons performance, and what should be done. I have pointed out that the letters sent to George W. Bush were followed to a tee. I cannot figure out what they are up set about. When they told him to raise the budget on military spending, he did. When they told him to up the troop levels, he did. I think that now that the plan is going south they want to distance their selves from him, Cheney and Rumsfeld. The very organization they helped start back in the good ole days of the Pentagon, have come back to bite them in the ass.

A couple months ago PNAC Chairman, Bill Kristol was asked by Jon Stewart, about PNAC and his involvement. Kristol, said, “PNAC is winding down.” I this find hard to believe. PNAC maybe going back underground, or going to change their name because of the public becoming aware of them, but they are not going away. I just don’t buy that for one moment.

On another show, Jon Stewart had Senator Gary Hart on who also spoke about The Project For A New American Century, and their plans to take out Saddam since the early 1990s, under George H. W. Bush. (Many people believe that PNAC was formed in 1997, but there is proof of its existence in the first Bush administration.) Below is a clip of Gary Hart on the Daily Show.

Due to something about copy-write I am finding it hard to find the Bill Kristol clip, but I will keep looking.

I could go on forever about PNAC, but I will make another diary on the subject if the interest is out there. I will update when the need is there, and it is always there. So always remember, “There is nothing to fear, but the underside of your government.

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