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Are The Democrats Already Shooting Themself in the Foot?

November 15, 2006

The democrats are not even officially in power and controversy is at their doorstep. Read on. >>>

Has Jack Murtha put Pelosi in a bad position in his want of the Democratic Majority Leader? You have to admit Murtha does not have the cleanest slate when it comes to ethics. With the ABSCAM tape all over the tube in Western Pennsylvania during the mid terms and Murtha being charged with peddling votes for favors by Melissa Hart, it something that could be used in the future to discredit a lot of good things that could be accomplished.

I am not here to hang Murtha, God knows he had me at “Bring Them Home! I feel he should be happy with heading the defense Committee, and let Nancy Pelosi do what she feels is best in holding the party together on other things,

Sten Hoyer, who is not one of Pelosi’s favorite people, (Hoyer beat out Pelosi for Majority Whip.) at least in the way that Murtha is, is being challenged by Murtha for the Majority Leader spot, Hoyer was actually the favorite, with most of the support going his way. However, Nancy Pelosi is making calls and calling in favors for the man who set her up in the position to be the Democratic leader. Pelosi and Murtha are good allies and friends, but they both have to know that this is hurting the party right off the bat. Dissent in the party, when they haven‘t even taken power does not look good.


So why did need Pelosi send a letter to her colleagues endorsing Murtha in this week’s Democratic leadership elections? In one word, loyalty. The San Francisco congresswoman, first elected back in 1987, wasn’t expected to become Speaker of the House, and one of the key factors in her rise in Washington has been Murtha, who has been a mentor and ally. Murtha was actually Pelosi’s campaign manager in her 2001 race against Hoyer, helping convince more senior lawmakers that Pelosi was ready to be one of the party’s top leaders.

Murtha is liberal when it comes to the war, but on other issues, he tends to be a centrist. Hoyer on the other hand has an almost stay the course mentality when it comes to Iraq, and is more moderate, corporatist on other issues. He was the Majority Whip under the Republican controlled congress, and was responsible for bringing 73 Democrats together on the Bankruptcy Bill. , to vote in favor of the Bill.

Nancy Pelosi will never come out and support Murtha publicly if she knows what is for the good of the party. However, it is understood that she has and always will throw her support behind her friend and mentor.

“If John Murtha was running for dog-catcher or President of the United States, Nancy Pelosi would support him,” one Pelosi ally told TIME. And Pelosi credits Murtha’s call for troop withdrawal as a bold move that helped Democrats win last week’s elections. Still, it’s not entirely clear how strongly Pelosi will back Murtha; her letter doesn’t actually ask others to join his camp, but simply points out that it is in response to Murtha’s request for an endorsement.

Some Washington insiders, think that it is Murtha’s checkered past that is hurting him in party support. The party just does not want to give the administration a chance to fuel a fire, which in turn, will impede any progress that might be made in the next two years.

My feeling is that when it comes to the good of the party, Murtha is in the driver seat. However, Hoyer had the votes in his favor, even with his Right-Wing look at Iraq. This is because more and more Democrats are feeling pressured to move to the right, if they want to hold power beyond two years.

Will There Be an Major Announcement?

I don’t know how many of you watched The Daily Show last night, but Jon’s guest was John Edwards, [the ex-senator/VP candidate] when Stewart ask him if he thought a person could get more accomplished in government, or the private sector, Edwards answered depends on the position held.

Later in that segment Jon Stewart brought up that it was on this show in 2003 that Edwards announced he would run for the Presidency, and wouldn’t it be ironic if he made such an announcement on the show again. Although he didn’t say he was he didn’t say he wasn’t. He said that if you watch his website in the next couple of weeks he will announce something special. At that very moment I got butterflies in my stomach, I was almost giddy at the thought of John Edwards running for President. Truly, Edwards was the only reason that I worked my A$$ off for Kerry. I backed Edwards in the primaries, and even voted for him in the Pennsylvania primaries when Kerry had wrapped it up.

To me there is not a politician that is more open, more honest, more self-giving, and cares for this countrymen and the people of the world than John Edwards. To see the look on his face when Kerry conceded to Bush was heart breaking.

If the announcement is that he will be running for President in “08”, I will be right there backing him all the way. As I said before I know of very few men in politics that have the character of John Edwards and if he runs there will be no person that will match It.


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