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Fare Voting? I Don’t Think SO! Not Yet.

November 14, 2006

Here is something that is beginning to piss me off about the last elections. It is all fun and games now that the Democrats have taken power, and there are scattered cases of voter fraud through out the country. However we are not hearing about them. Most of the Liberals and democrats are feeling that it does not matter anymore they got in. This sickens me.

What brought this up is a diary that caught my eye on DailyKos and how the post and replies were making fun of the article. Maybe I am making too much of this, but ever since 2000, I have a thin skin when it comes to fraud in voting, no matter what side it is against.
The following was taken from SLJ’s diary.

* Local bar owner Randy Wooten runs for mayor.
* Roxanne Wooten (his wife) waits at courthouse for official election results: Zero votes tallied for Randy Wooten.
* Roxanne returns home to ask Randy “did you vote for yourself?” He confirms he did.
* Randy Wooten receives reports from numerous others (8 or 9) they also voted for him.
* Unreported, yet much speculated upon, is why Ms. Roxanne Wooten had to ask her husband if he voted for himself to confirm a zero vote count as inaccurate. [Think about it…]

It was a short two years ago that we were screaming about the voter injustice, and only two years before that we actually watched an election be stolen right out from under our noses.

[The republicans can say what they want; they depended on the stupidity of the average Joe to pull off how that awarding of the election should have gone.] However, I am not here to give a Civics lesson, this is about the fact that the voting system is in worse shape than in 2000.

In the small township where I live, we had no major problems this time. But in 2004 we had a lack of cards, and cards that did not work. There was a repeat in the primaries this past spring. The election officials said it all turned out all right, but I know for fact it did not.

At around 12:00pm the poll official called the County Courthouse to report that the machines were not working properly. She was told that there were a lot of problems all over the county, and they would get some one out as soon as possible, in the meantime use the paper ballots. Well that is going to be hard to do, we did not receive any. She replied.

So the polling station was shutdown and the voters told to return at 2:00pm and they could vote. From what I was told by one of the Township Supervisors, at 12:30 they received paper ballots from one of the other polling stations in the district and reopened. By 3:00 all was fixed and back to normal. I ask him if they knew for fact that it was back to normal, seeing that only the tech from the Die Bold Company was allowed in the room while the machines were being fixed. He ask if I was there while this was taking place and if not how I new. I told him that was standard procedure with the Die Bold Company. There reasoning is that it is a proprietary system, no one is allowed to over see the maintenance of their machines.

Just like in the diary, people tend to laugh off the smaller communities and their problems. It as if they are small so they don’t matter, or they won’t affect the race. When in fact they play a big part in the out come of the overall picture.

Why is it we are not hearing loud and clear that there are still problems with the vote. Could it be that the Left is satisfied that they now have the power? Could it be that the right was so taken back by the land slide loss that they are still regrouping? I am not sure why we are now taking it all in stride, but I am glad there are still organizations like Black Box Voting out there watching out for us, because It seems that once you get the prize, you lose sight of the troubles you had getting there.

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  1. November 17, 2006 2:41 am

    Agreed, the fact that this issue doesn’t get far more attention is disturbing. There has always been vote tampering, but at least people had the sense to be incensed by it. Now we seem to be heading for a world where they don’t even bother to hide it, we might as well stay home on election day and let them announce the results they want. Sigh. Good Post.


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