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Democratic Domination, No Magic Elixir.

November 13, 2006

I know this analogy will upset a lot of people, but there are a lot of so called experts that agree with me on this, and it will only bare out one way or another in 2008. You have plenty of people out there, that feel with the domination of the democrats over the republican party will bring about all sorts of major changes, but they don’t have the power to really make an over ride of a veto.

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A 2/3 majority is needed to override a veto, which is hard to do under ideal conditions. In the past George W. Bush has been stingy in using his veto power, but I feel that is about to change.

Although I am uncertain, which issue will be placed before Bush for approval, Minimum Wage is an issue that Barney Franks said will be resolved by March of 2007, providing the Democrats take control. Franks made this statement as a guest panelist on “Real Time With Bill Maher”. If in fact this is one of the first things to hit Bush’s desk he will more than likely veto the measure, although there is another way this could go. He could pass the bill and if the economy takes a serious nosedive, blame it on the Minimum Wage bill, and the repeal of the tax cuts, if they are repealed. (Not likely because of veto power.)

Another issue that is being tossed around, and is a worry to others and myself is Impeachment. As I see it, this would be a waste of resources and time. To start with, the votes needed are going to be hard to come by. An oversight committee is needed, and then go from there.

There will be some changes, that is for sure, but the sense I got from watching the Sunday morning talk shows is, the Democrats are already campaigning for “2008”. I am sure that we will be tossed a bone or two, so that they can say to their base that we did this and that, but we will need more time to take care of the major things. In my eyes, the major issue that will need to be taken care of first is the debacle in Iraq. However that brings up another important point, how hard the Democrats will have it in the next two years.

My issue is the Iraq screw up, others are looking at the 9-11 Commission and the fact that this administration ignored numerous warnings from countries that a terrorist attack was planed for the U.S. and they turned their back. Yet others have major concerns about the environmental issues. There are so many other problems that have been created by the republican held legislature, they will have trouble trying to please enough people, for the chance to hold the powe regain. With the moves made this week by Bush, will they be able to stay their course in the war on terror. As I pointed out yesterday, Gates strategy differs from that of Rumsfeld only in troop deployment.

The things Democrats will have to keep away from are issues like abortion, gay anything, and guns. They need to remember, these are the wedge issues that will rally the republican base.

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