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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss, But Let’s Not Get Fooled Again.

November 11, 2006

This comes as a real shocker, but Robert Gates, George W. Bush’s nominee for the Secretary of Defense, feels that the administration should stay in Iraq. Now, in all honesty I don’t find this a shocking development. Although I didn’t think he would come out say it before trying to get nominated. This might end up being a test for the new brokers of power. Read on. >>>

It seems that we are getting knew troops in Iraq, Mr. Gates suggests that we are under staffed in the war for oil, and that more intelligence and military might are needed to win this war. Which goes against Rumsfeld’s vision of the war, which was doing more with less?

“We don’t have the air power. We don’t have the intelligence,” he said. “We don’t have anything that’s big enough to do that with what we have now. So I agree that I think we need to increase our capacity, but I think we also need to change–and go back in terms of the way that capacity is structured.”


As nice as it is to here that most were right in saying that Rumsfeld was insane on his tactics, this means that more of our kids are going to wined up in Iraq, or any other endeavor this administration takes on. With the shot the administration has taken, I don’t think that a draft to make u the other troops needed is that far out of the question. I the past they were afraid that it would cause an uprising of the people, and new not try it. However, what do they have to lose now? Also if Bush takes the advice of the Baker Commission where are they going to get the resources needed? Bush always says that enlistment is up, but that is a known lie. They don’t dare strip the nation of it protections.

So as I see it they have but one of two things they can do and those are: Remove the troops and tell the Iraqis to buck up and bare the load. Or the most likely one, send more troops, which means finding more. Although I did leave out another possibility, privatize the military. Sure, they could just pick up a Soldier of Fortune Magazine and hire an army. That would really destroy the economy fast. I know, all the able-bodied people that don’t have jobs and no prospects insight hand them a gun and send them out to fight. It sure would cut down on the unemployment, and welfare claims.

So the direction that the report is going to send this war is towards escalation, which is the only thing it will do if it is the direction Bush goes. If Gates is nominated that is the way he is going to take it.

The truth of the matter is, I think that Iran and North Korea today probably feel somewhat safer than they did two years ago. Because the notion that the United States could fight a full scale war in Korea right now is just silly.
We couldn’t. We don’t have the air power. We don’t have the intelligence. We don’t have anything that’s big enough to do that with what we have now.
So I agree that I think we need to increase our capacity, but I think we also need to change — and go back in terms of the way that capacity is structured.

They talk as if they can just rebuild the Army by upping he pay. Although they could, in a two part plan, first you would have to make it so unbearable that there really is no other place to go to make it work. Then set the pay rate and enlistment bonus at an attractive level, and you have, The “New and Improved” Economic Draft. However I don’t see that pulling the numbers they are talking about. They will have to come up with some sort of mandatory service, maybe a 2 year plan.

Currently there are 3 countries with mandatory military service, although it is called by less aggressive names. The United Kingdom is one of those counties that have a mandatory service for those males that are 17 to 18, for 1 to 2 years. Singapore also has what is called the National Service, and has the same ages and time of service.

The United Kingdom also has forced service, for an indefinite period of time, in the context of a widespread mobilisation of forces for fighting war, including on the home territory, usually imposed on men in a much wider age group (e.g. 18–45). (In the United Kingdom this was commonly known as “call-up”).

Wiki New Zealand first you have compulsory military training, the you do national service. In Norway it is Safe Guard/ First Time Duty.

No matter what you call it, I am sorry to say that if this administration does anything but pullout of Iraq and the Middle East, there is going to have to be something to force the people into the military.

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  1. November 12, 2006 5:08 am

    Exactly, the Bush Adminstration has been stretching the USA military to great lengths in it’s effort to avoid compulsory military service. Whether through fear of the politcal repercussions, or a failure to face reality; the situation cannot continue indefinitely. And the longer the decision to fish or cut bait is put off, the more costly it’s going to be. What a mess.



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