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WOW, Knock Me Over With A Feather

November 10, 2006

p>The latest two announcements blew me away. Rumsfeld gone and no real fight for Virginia. Have the Bush administration finally been beaten down, or are they just regrouping? Read on. >>>

Knowing what I know about the administration, they are regrouping. So what is in store for the people of this country? Could we see more military action before January? Whatever it is, we will not really know because as we found out from the news conference yesterday, this administration is make secretive moves contently. Although we knew this in the past, Bush came out and admitted that he has been lying all a long.

I was almost certain that Allen would challenge the vote count in Virginia, but as of yet, he has not. Although last night on MSNBC, one of the so-called experts brought up a good point. The republicans don’t want to be seen as the Democrats of 2000 election, what was meant by this is when in 2000 the Republicans declared victory and then the Democrats wanted a recount, it made the democrats look bad in the eyes of a lot of the nation. This may be why Allen hasn’t pushed the recount. He might have been promised something else to forget the recount so that Republicans don’t look like crybabies.

Well, Rumsfeld and Bush made the decision for Rummy’s early departure from the cabinet, Yea Right! Looking at Robert Gates resume’ it seems to me he is a younger version of Rumsfeld, although not by much.

Gates is presently President of the University of Texas A&M. Gates was recruited by the CIA while attending Indiana University, apparently for his expertise on the IBM missiles. While in the CIA he gave intelligence reports on the IBM Missiles. He served as Deputy Chief of the CIA form 1982 until 1989. He was nominated in 1987 for Chief of CIA operations but withdrew when it became clear he would be rejected because of his closeness to the Iran Contra scandal. Gates headed the CIA under George Herbert Walker Bush. On his swearing in on November 5, 1991 he became the only person to go from an entry level position to Chief in a career with the CIA.

Gates is also part of the study group that will have there findings on the war in Iraq, looked at buy the administration.

Story The Iraq Study Group is led by co-chairs James A. Baker, III, a former Secretary of State, and Lee H. Hamilton, former Congressman. Other members of the study group include: Robert M. Gates, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Edwin Meese III , Sandra Day O’Connor, Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, Charles S. Robb, and Alan K. Simpson.

So now that Rumsfeld was toss to the wolves do we see Cheney going stating health problems and Rice moving into his place, or maybe the next candidate that the republicans want to run in “08”? The republicans have to show that they are not out of touch with the people, and that they feel their concerns even though they could give a crap about them.

I personally feel that we will see a major shakeup other than the Rumsfeld departure, but the question is who and when? I don’t see Rove going he is the one that made G.W. Bush. It was like the movie “Trading Places” with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy. He took a Bumbling Idiot and made him Leader of the Feed world. But I am sure there will be another sacrifice made at the alter.

Speaking of making sacrifices, I think that for the time being we need to concentrate on bringing the country back and getting our rights and privacy back in order. Instead I open an e-mail today from the, about a conference they are having in Philadelphia Pa. on Veterans Day, it is called “Impeach For Change”. What gets me about this is it is becoming what all the Right-Wing pundits said it would be, a bunch of wacko Libs running around shouting impeachment.

Don’t get me wrong this entire crew under and including Bush needs to be removed, but the Democratic party has not even taken power yet and these groups are already pushing the Democratic party right back out the door. Those people that back the change in government are not going to set back while troops are dying and wait until there are impeachment hearings. We need to clean up the mess that has been made, and get the troops home safe and sound, and then go after the cabal. Not many people know, but that they can be brought up on impeachment charges after they are out of office.

Impeachment extends beyond removal from office.
It has never been done, but in theory an officer could an officer can be impeached even after leaving office. (Governors of Delaware and Virginia could be impeached only after leaving office.) It follows that “impeachment” was conceived as more than just a lever to break a corrupt official’s white-knuckle grip on the big desk. [Correction: It has been done, in the case of Secretary of War Wm. Belknap (1876), who resigned as the House proceeded to a vote.

So, we need to act like we have been here before even though it has been a long time. Remember it is like riding a bike, or making love, it will come back to us.


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