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Why are the Neo-Cons Moving so Fast? Who will Replace Dick

November 10, 2006

Yesterday I ran a poll on Daily Kos, The question was, Now that the Democrats Have the power (unofficially) should they start impeachment hearings? I was amazed that out of 62 people that voted, 5 or (8%) voted Not sure, 29 or (49%) voted Yes, and 28 or (48%) voted No. I really did not realize we liberals were this divided.

I don’t know why the Republicans are moving so fast on this, but I have a couple of ideas. The movement is pointing to a real shakeup in the Bush cabinet. But why? It is not uncommon for administrations to have shakeups after a main election, but not so much after a mid-term.

With the removal of Rumsfeld, and the and George W. Bush’s pick of Robert Gates, someone who really does not stray to far from the administrations philosophy of, “Stay the Course” could this just have been for public relations? I think that this is one of the main reasons. If the Bush administration has shown anything, it is they do not care what we as the citizenry think. Others say they are trying to make sure it does not look as if the Democrats forced the issue.

Another piece of the puzzle is why George Allen, who had every right to demand a recount of the vote, did not ask for that recount. There again, I can only speculate at what they are up to. Are they rebuilding, or are they just losing those that are afraid that they might go down if there is an Impeachment in the works? I personally think it is a rebuilding process, in which Cheney will be the next major sacrifice. It will not be noted as a resignation, or a firing, I do believe that it will be said his health reasons are at the core.

Now this brings up another scenario, if, and when Cheney does step down, who will Bush pick to fill his shoes? Very few are saying Condoleezza Rice, but there are some interesting choices out there, one of which I think has a damn good chance of happening. Now I know that many of you will say I am nuts, but remember for right now all this is hypothetical.

Now what the Neo-Cons will want to do is pick someone that will be confirmed, but carry on their game plan, incase the bottom falls out. One such choice would be John McCain. He has proven his loyalty to the party, like a little puppy who has been kicked around, but returns to his master.

Another choice could be the guy they are trying to replace Donald Rumsfeld with, Robert M. Gates. Reports say that Gates is well respected on both sides of isle, and should have easy passage into the Secretary of Defense slot.

What do you think of the ex-number three man in the Republican party, Rick Santorum? The rumors were, before his defeat in the mid-terms, Santorum was one of the frontrunners being groomed for the Presidency. I do not think that the circumstances that brought his defeat will stop that. Although, if they do, I thank God it happened.

Heres one that even I would find hard to believe could happen, but in the twisted minds of the Neo-Con you never know, Joe Lieberman. He has shown that he does not honor the wishes of the democratic voters of Connecticut, when they said that he was not what they wanted representing them. When they said no he jumped political ships and went independent. What’s to say he would not swing into the Republican port?

Last, but not least is George Allen. I would think it highly unlikely, that he would be thought of for that slot. He is too much of a trouble child right now for the party. The only reason I bring up his name at all is I still cannot figure out why he just conceded.

As I said, “this is all Hypothetical, and may not even come to be. However, it is something to think about before we settle in and start to rest on our laurels.

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  1. November 24, 2006 8:16 pm

    One doesn’t “replace” Dick. One simply uses liberal amounts of Lysol to remove him.

    Put me down as a vote For Impeachment.


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