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Good night for The Democratic Party, And Goodnight Republicans.

November 8, 2006

Well overall, it went pretty much as we thought it would. The Democrats took the House of Representatives and might wind up with the Senate, depending on two races. Webb (Dem), Allen(Rep) race in Virginia, and the race in Montana between John Tester (Dem), and Conrad Burns (Rep)

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The Race in Montana was delayed by human error, when the button to save the count was not pushed. So now, it is being hand counted, but expected to done today.

The race that brought a big smile to my face was the win of Bob Casey over Rick Santorum. The major cry all week by the right-wingers in Western Pennsylvania was that if Santorum were defeated we would have no real representation in this end of the state. If what we were getting from Santorum was what they call representation I will do without.

Jessie White won over Paul Snatchko, at last word it was a narrow win, but a win nonetheless. This was one of those races that showed that the country just does not get that we needed to sweep to prove a point. Because when fighting Neo-Cons you need to stomp on them, to make sure their issues never rise again.

The one race that saddened me a bit, was the loss of incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee, of Rode Island. As the Boston Globe points out the only thing that really hurt Chafee was the fact that he had a (R) at the end of his political name. Chafee was anti-Bush, and even voted against him in 2004, and the thing that made me notice him was, he voted against the Iraq invasion. He was, if there is such a thing a Liberal Republican.

With the loss in Tennessee, the Chafee defeat is big. The one thing that puzzles me is that when they win because of a dirty campaign say it was a hard fought campaign. Corker’s defeat of Harold Ford was somewhat of a shocker. Experts are claiming that the ad casting Ford as a Playboy helped swing it Corker. The part they say was, a white woman telling Ford to call her. The biggest challenge was being a Blackman trying to win in Tennessee.

Howard Dean shows the very thing that held this party down for so long, in an interview, “There’s not a lot we can do to actually force the president to leave Iraq, but ultimately we can have some influence and I think you’ll see certainly an attempt by Democrats to change the direction,” Democrats’ leader Howard Dean told CNN.

The Democrats can do many things to end this war, and if they cannot get them, they can cut funding, as was done with Vietnam.

So we need to watch Virginia for Neo-con inference on the count. I feel that Carl Rove will not let the Democrats control everything. I think that we should watch our policy with Iran, and the Middle East as a whole. I look for that Iran attack to happen before The Democrats move in.


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