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Voting in a Small Town. & The Defiling of a Country.

November 7, 2006

It is 7:30 am in Western Pennsylvania, and reports on the radio have a number of the polling pace in Washington Co. having problems with the machines. Donagal Township, have cards that say they have already been voted on. Then when another card is put in the same machine, the machine says that vote had been already cast. The republicans have already started screaming disentrancement of republican voters. Read on. >>>

I have yet to go vote, we have a tradition that I take my wife to work and on the way we stop off and vote. This town is amazing in that the biggest turn out is in years that we have supervisors up for reelection. Boy do the lines get long, mostly because the farmers bring their cattle to vote. (Sorry, inside joke in the town.) I did notice a lot of action at me polling place, (The Fire Hall) and that was at 5:30am this morning. I will say that those who are in charge take it very seriously, My aunt Dory God bless her, is almost 80 and still works as poll supervisor, and she is smart as a whip. She only has one fault in my eyes, besides being very opinionated, and that is she is a registered democrat that votes republican. She explained why she started voting that way, it was when my cousin was drafted for Vietnam. Good news though she is thinking of voting democrat this election. She is fed up with her Medicare and S.S.I., being tampered with. She has seen too many of her elderly friends die broke, after saving all their life.

[Update:] 11.00am. I was talking to our Democratic leader for the township, and I was telling him about the problems I had been hearing about across the county. He said that the reports were also coming in from Alleghany, and Center Counties too. Now they are coming in from Waynesburg Green County.

I want to know if we are hearing about this so fast because of the great possibility of a Democratic win. If I remember correctly in 20004, we did not hear of this until the next morning. This leads me to believe that the accusations will fly, if the Republicans are, ask to leave by the people. If the democrats don’t pull this off, we wil be told that we are sore losers, crybabies, and tons of other things I will not print.

Anyway, I will be heading out the door in about an hour to cast my (Straight Democrat) vote, which will be a first for my wife and me. We have always felt that it is important to vote the person, not the party, but as we have had it thrust upon us this time, for the first time in my voting life, I feel the party matters more. It really is sad because there are a few good republicans on our local level that have good ideas for the area. However, that is the price of a political war.

I was coming home the other day from getting my Steroid injection, when Guns & Roses “Civil War” came on WDVE, and I really listened to it for the first time. It was energizing, the lyrics fit so well with what is going on in the country today, and where we are headed if we don’t get a grip on the government. We need to find a command ground with the stanch right-wingers or we are not going to leave our children much t build on.

Guns & Roses, “Civil War”

Look at your young men fighting
Look at your women crying
Look at your young men dying
The way they’ve always done before
Look at the hate we’re breeding
Look at the fear we’re feeding
Look at the lives we’re leading
The way we’ve always done before
My hands are tied
The billions shift from side to side
And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
For the love of God and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can’t deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars

Last night I made a stop in one of the political rooms on Yahoo, (something I don’t do a lot of anymore, because of their NON-Privacy policy. Of course they are right up front about it, they tell you straight-out that everything you do is recorded, in some way. Even your emails are read to make sure they meet their standards.) Well anyway, I was discussing the reason that I don’t feel the students in Iran will rise up, as this administration wants them too. I had mentioned that like our kids, they have it better than the generations before them, when a friend reminded me that our children don’t have it better. He said sure the technology is better, even healthcare is better if you can afford it. As far as spending power, and college, and buying a house, it has gotten worse. At that point, we were interrupted, by the mouthing of republican talking points. Things like, how the stock market is doing well, unemployment is setting at 4.4, and at that, I had to stop him. Unemployment as a campaign talking point should lose an election for a republican right there. Because in the last 6 years the poverty rate has climbed faster the unemployment has dropped on average. More people have dropped off or are not eligible for unemployment insurance, than in the last ten years. People have run the welfare time out. It was pointed out to me, something that I never figured into the equation of the stock market, if two or more companies get together and begin to trade stocks back and forth, they can push the numbers up and down as they see fit. This to me would explain the jump in a dying market right around Mid-Terms.

One last thing before I go and vote. Yesterday in a campaign stop in Pensacola Fla, At which the candidate did even show up because he didn’t want to be seen with Bush, George W. Bush before a crowd of an estimated 6,000 hand picked people told them the reason we must stay in Iraq is to keep gas at 2.00 a gallon. To that news, the crowd went wild, but did they stop to think, what he just told them? He told them, that it has up until that point it has all been a lie> The reason we lost over 2500 troops and hundreds of thousand too be maimed, and physiologically wounded, was for oil? That he tore a country apart while stealing our rights, for 2.00-dollar gas. These fools clapped and cheered for him, and his lies.

The other day the November Surprise was unleashed it is what is called Robo-calls. I was the recipient of at least 12 of these calls yesterday. While to me these calls to me were just annoying, Amy Goodman reported today on “Democracy Now”, one lady called up the local phone company in tears, telling them because of the great number and consistency of the RoBo-Calls, she could not get the phone calls that she needed from Hospice for dying mother.

Now it is coming out that the original members of PNAC, are call this administration incompetent in their carrying out the plans that PNAC drew up for going into Iraq. Vanity Fair published an article, entitled Neo Cupla. At this time, the Vanity Fair article is over flowing. Just go to Vanity Good luck, when I went there my firewall went nuts; something was trying to get into my computer.

Ps. Please go vote. Run these no good Son-of-a-Bitches, out of office, and out of this “OUR COUNTRY!” You know years ago, I called for bringing this administration up on charges of Treason, and push for the full extent of the law. To which someone replied, “Do you know the full punishment for treason? It is death do you really want that?” I answered yes, knowing that they sent our troops to die over a lie; they should be put to death. They should be brought up on war crimes including crimes against humanity. Then they should swing beside Saddam! Of course, I am not bitter.ABA

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