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What they Want You to Fear, and What Should Scare You Shitless.

November 3, 2006

It seems that the administration is going to use fear right up to the final moment of the election race. Read on.>>>

The FBI said yesterday, that one of the people arrested in connection with the London air-plot, said the plan included blowing up planes over the U.S. for maximum casualties. WaPo

The plan was bring them down over U.S. cities, not over the ocean,” Mershon said Oct. 24 at the Infosecurity 2006 conference in New York, according to Government Security News, which first reported the remarks this week.

The wording in the articles are carefully worded to scare the pants off you, by the way that they worded it with statements like,

“It would make your hair stand up to be in the room to hear that presentation,” Mershon said, according to GSN.

and other statements like this one;

Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert and Georgetown University professor, said the case indicates that Islamic extremists remain focused on attacking U.S. cities.
“They were clearly desirous of exceeding 9/11,” Hoffman said. “The loss of life on the air and ground would be significant.”

The way these articles are put together, they are written to put fear in the reader. The Washington Post is good at doing this, but so are so many other papers. The object is to lure the reader in by scaring them into staying with the story. You are drawn in out of the fear that if you don’t continue reading the story, you won’t know how to avoid or protect yourself from what they are feeding you.

Now Here are Things That Should Scare the Crap Out of You!

The ice is melting in the Arctic, in Greenland and all over the world, and unless we take on the climate crisis soon, we will cross a point of no return. As much as I love the beach, I don’t want it at my doorstep here in Western Pennsylvania. The administration continues to cover up and release false reports to further the agenda of corporations.

With the vast wealth of this nation, there are millions of children who can’t get the medical attention they need when they are ill, because their parents, or can’t afford healthcare. Instead of righting this situation, they have decided to line the pockets on the pharmaceutical companies, through a system that robs the seniors of this country, and possibly hastiness their demise.

Unless we change the leadership of this country, we show the world that we condone Torture, that we as a nation condone all that this administration has done, and the members of the Neo-Con party will continue to do well in to the future. We must vote them out.

In September, we marked the fifth year of remembrance of 9-11 and the reminder that George W. Bush and the republican lead congress have done little, to nothing to improve the situation. Many reports have been released that point to the fact, under this administration if anything, we have been made less safe than before. By invading Iraq, and bogging down the military resources there, this administration has weakened our country. It has lost the respect that the country once had with allies and enemies alike. Those who once respected us, now revere us. Yet they use this to pray on the fears of the people, to hold them in check and retain power. To this I say no more.

On November 7th we have a chance to show the administration we do not condone their unethical and illegal acts against humanity. Instead we loath them for the things they have done in the name of “OUR COUNRTY”, and that we refuse to allow them to continue, to drag the country down.

Tuesday, we have the chance to show them that we will not stand idly by as they strip us of the rights we cherish in the name of a false feeling of security. On that day, we must show this (P)resident that we will no longer tolerate the allocations of monies that never see there promised destinations, but wined up in the pockets of the administration cronies, through the largest money laundering scheme in this countries history, The Iraq war.

I am not as foolish as to believe, that by winning one mid-term election we can turn it all around. However I do believe that it is a chance to have a new beginning, to start rebuilding all that this administration has destroyed. It will be the chance to reverse the decline in which they planed for our economy, and the middleclass. Last but never least we can get the future of this country back on track so that the future generations will not look to us and ask, “What have left us.” A win on Tuesday will show this administration that they work for us and that they are next to fall pray to the will of the people.


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