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Recruiters Want Your Children to Die so They Don’t Have to.

November 3, 2006

This morning I was watching GMA, and a story about the outrageous lies recruiters are tell kids to get them to join, and it reminded me of something that happened just last week.

My wife was telling me that her sister had called earlier and told us that our niece was at the Army Recruiters that earlier that day and, she was thinking of enlisting. Read on.>>>

So my wife and I jumped in the car, and went to visit my niece for two reasons. One was to try and talk her out of it, and the other was to see what line of bullshit they fed her to get her to quit her jobs, leave her kid maybe forever, and join up to die, or even worse.

When we arrived at her mother’s house, my nice was setting at the table. She just looked at me and said, “I know why you are here.” Ok, I said, why in the heck are you going to do something this stupid? You’re a smart girl; don’t you know you will end up in Iraq?
He told me that I would not go to Iraq, the war is wrapping up. Uncle Eddie, he was nice and helpful. He told me that I should give mom custody, just until I get out of boot camp, and they assign me to a base. I just looked at her and ask What if that base is in Iraq? I told you he promises that I would not go there. He said that I would get my signing bonus after I get out of Basic Training. She went on to tell me that if she decided to, she could take college courses in the evening after she finished her work on the base.

Needless to say, I had to explain a few things to her. I told her that in all my research, I have never come across anything of value saying that we are wrapping it up in Iraq. In fact, I said, last month was the deadliest month on record. I went on to tell her how her cousin was still waiting on his signing bonus, and he has been out for three years. Also that they won’t give him befits for his hearing loss, form a shell hitting close to him, they say that he had that before he went in. She just looked at me and left the room.

A few moments later she returned and handed me a letter, it was informing her that the store she worked at was shutting down, and that she was getting laid-off. She came over, sat down beside me, and said, Uncle Eddie, I need to do this. I don’t have insurance for Keara, I just was laid off from work, and I cannot make it on part time at Wal-Mart. (Yes, she does work at Wal-Mart, Ironic isn’t it?) The money they promised me is a lot Uncle Eddie. I looked at her and the look in her eyes was heartbreaking. I told her that we could work something out; it does not have to be the military. I ask her to give it a while. I said that between her mother, her aunt and I, we would help in anyway, we can. I told her, she could get Keara insurance through the Pa. CHIPS program. I said, the military will always be there, Please don’t rush it.

As we were leaving I told my wife, that I was going to see this recruiter and let them know about what I think about there practices. See this is not the only bitch I went through this with them over my daughter.

When my daughter was 14, a recruiter told her that if she enlists she could get a Corvette if that’s what she wanted. She came home that night, told me about it, and handed me all these papers, and a DVD on the National Guard. I sat her down and explained that I do not think at this time in her life she is ready to make a decision like this on her own, and I am glad she brought this to my attention. So bright and early the next morning I was setting in the Principle’s office. I told him, in no way, shape, or form, is a recruiter to come near my daughter again and I will have the proper paper work to him the next day.

Well it happened again yesterday, the recruiters were at our high school and they were talking to my daughters friend, when my daughter told her they were late for class. The one of the recruiters came out from behind the table and ask my daughter if she would like to be excused from a couple of classes to talk to them. She told him that, they were not to talk to her, because her father (Me) had written to the school, and the Pentagon, not giving them permission to release her records, or to have recruiters talk with her. Well my understanding is, that he told my daughter, “Daddy isn’t here right now.” and her friend just told him you do not want to mess with her daddy, and he chuckled. (I am not a violent person, but do not mess with my daughter.) So anyway, I have to go to the school and see what is going on.

I did get one thing accomplished when I met with the superintendent 2 years ago, about the recruiters. Now at the beginning of the school year they send a letter home, telling the parents they have the option of opting their child out of, having their records sent to the Pentagon, recruiters talking to their child, and taking the Military aptitude test, which is given to Sophomores and Juniors.

So I will go to the school, and I will tell the new principle, that it is on record with the school, and the Pentagon, I have opted my child out of any contact with recruiters, and anything military. Also, I would appreciate if I could have equal time when the recruiters are there, to setup a table and hand out informational anti-war material. I will let you know how it goes in a future diary.


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  1. November 4, 2006 1:32 pm

    Good luck.


  2. November 4, 2006 12:24 am

    Your were right it is part of no CLB, and I read about it in Cindy Shehhan’s diary, on Daily Kos. As far as my niece, she is looking into, the CHIPS program, and trying to find another job. We are working as a family trying to make this work. I hope we pull it toghther.

    Peace ABA607


  3. November 4, 2006 12:12 am

    I hope your niece doesn’t end up enlisting. It’s incredible what the recruiters do, I saw an ad once that said you should “listen up” because if you created an account at you would get a free music download. Is the Military Aptitude Test part of No Child Left Behind or something or has it always existed? The opt-out thing is, ironically, from the No Child Left Behind Act, requiring schools to give out that information unless the opt-out form is filled out.


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