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How To Handle Right-Wing Propagandsit

November 1, 2006

I started in a great mood today. The weather was lousy, instead of waking up refreshed, I was still groggy, and my coffeepot broke. Incase of emergency, and out-of-town trips, I have a 4 cup pot. So I climb in my car and hit the power button on the radio, Read on.>>>

And there’s Mr. Quinn, and he’s playing the John Kerry speech, over and over again, except it is 10 second sound bites. First let me say that my radio was on that station because of Ellis Cannon, he is their sports guy in the evening, and I like his view on Pittsburgh sports.(Go Penns) Sorry about that. Anyway, I am listening to this and noticed that with out saying anything about it, he slipped in Kerry in 1971, testifying in front of congress about the atrocities in Vietnam. If that wasn’t bad enough it was the clip about the rapes, and mutilation that he saw in Vietnam.

Now here is the part that proves how hypocritical these assholes are. They are saying that they think their base is plen–ty smart, and yet they are depending on them to be stupid enough to think that during the speech in California, Kerry said that soldiers were seen cutting off fingers and ears.

This is ‘not’ a should Kerry apologize, or shouldn’t he diary. (He should not by the way!) It is a how the “Right-Wing Propaganda Machine” works, and how to take them down. Here is the first thing I feel we should do.
1. Stop their propagandist.
A. Rush Limp-balls, Sean Hannity, and the like, flood their phone banks. There are programs out there; the republicans used them to disenfranchise voters in 2000, and in 2004. Just find a Tele-Marketer that will do this.

2. If that fails then we go to Plan B. Jam the airwaves.
B. Hell, they did it in in New Orleans during Katrina.

3. If that doesn’t stop them, storm the stations. That does right take them over. By this time, it would be the only way to shut them up.
C. Hey it worked in promoting Rock -n- Roll. Of course, you need to be prepared to miss a few years of work, and only see the wife and kid on visiting day.

Of course you know the above suggestions are a “SNARK”, just so the Bush people know that, before they come and kick my door down, and say that I am an enemy combatant, and haul me away to Gitmo, where I will stay for the rest of my life, because there is no Habeas Corpus reviews, and we all know that if you keep them there until they die, they can’t tell anyone. Dead Men Tell No Tells.

What was and is needed’ is to stage an e-mail blitz. Then, jam their websites, hit it so hard that the severe cannot handle the load. The one draw back to that is, the sponsors get a lot of exposure, and the site makes money. We need to stop this there are still people that are buying this bullshit. It is well known that The White House is feeding these people the talking point, I mean when the Resident calls the Right-Wing Pundits to the White House, it’s not for tea.

If any of you have an idea on how we can silence these Mouthpieces let me know. It has to be done because you know, after November 7th it will be even worse leading up to the “08” elections. (Especially with a democratic led legislature.) There will be no stopping there hate speech. Just look at what they are doing, and it only poll results.


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