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I am Still Applauding Keith Olbermann.

October 25, 2006

Oh my God, I just finished watching Keith Olbermann’s “Special Moment” from Last night, and I am still applauding him. It is a piece of video that I will have to wake the town up to see. I will run from house to house if I have to, just to get the word out. (It is 6:30 am here.) Read on.>>>

When I woke up I did what I normally do, I clicked on the computer and check out the blogs. When I saw “Olbermann is in Dangerous Waters. He Needs Our Email Blitz…” by; BigDog04 I had to check it out, as luck would have it, I missed the show last night. You can watch the video at his Blog, The Political Dog Fight

Here it is almost an hour after I watched the video, and I am still applauding him. Was it yesterday that I read that Keith may have set the bar so high that even he won’t be able to hit it again. Well that person was wrong; he met and cleared the bar by 20 feet. See Olbermann has one thing that makes it easy for him, an unbridled passion for speaking the blatant truth. Oh yea, and an openly corrupt administration. As long as this administration Plays the Role, of acting as if they are above the law, Keith will have plenty of material to work with.

As I get settled in and start reading, I here this voice coming from the TV that is sending shock waves through my head, here it’s Sean Hannity being interviewed by Diane Sawyer on GMA. The topic is, the campaign ads that are aired by the republicans.

The first thing brought up is the Michael J. Fox commercial on stem cell research. As we new he would, Hannity defended his good friend. Although it was in a backhanded way. As you may or may not know, Old Limp-Balls was scolded by his own fans for his comments on the commercial, and by those that saw Rush wiggling about on the Ditto Cam. He said that Fox was over acting and stopped taking his meds to shake that bad on camera. Well if anyone is an expert “On Medication”, it would be old Dope Fiend, El’Rushbo, besides Fox said in his book that he had quit taking his Meds. Won‘t it be great when people suffering from Parkinson’s disease won‘t need medication to control the tremors?

Next, Diane ask him about ads being run against Harold Ford, Tenn. (D) that paint him as a playboy, and a man about town. The ad clearly uses a beautiful white woman to make the impression that the black men are going to take your white woman. (Sorry if that sounds racist, but that is why they shot it that way.)I cannot find the ad, but if anyone has it, or knows where to get it please post it. Anyway, Hannity said that it wasn’t that bad. Then Diane reminded him the Corker ask that the ad be pulled. I am sorry but I had to leave after that, partly out of disgust and that I had to take my daughter to school.

As we know the Republicans are masters at running and creating “Smear Ads”, and hell they even have great imaginations. How long now have they been telling us that, “everything is going fine in Iraq, and that the economy is doing great? Well the economy one might be true, if you are a multi-millionaire, or corporation. In addition, they keep boasting that they have created millions of jobs, even though it is below Clinton’s average, only in the third year of his Presidency. The thing is that the jobs created are low-end jobs that are being filled by immigrants. Although, wasn’t the republicans that kept reminding us in 2004, “that the president doesn’t create the job, it the corporations.” Yea, I bet G.W.‘s buddy Venetia Fox is thankful.

So when I am out, canvassing the towns in Western Pennsylvania, and I run into people that I have a hard time getting through to, I tell them. It is simple. “If you want more of the same, (living in fear, tax breaks for the millionaires, our kids being shipped off to be killed, for the lies of this administration, and total loss of your rights, vote Republican. On the other hand if you want, a chance for a hope, (the hope of stopping the killing of our troops in a war that should have never been, a hope that we will see affordable health care, and a hope that the economy will be good for even the little guy, then you have to vote Democrat!) It is that simple.”



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