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“Daddy Should Ought Not Said That.”

October 23, 2006

I could not believe my ears yesterday when ask George W. Bush about a statement that his daddy made earlier this week. Read on.>>>

Yesterday on ABC’s “This Week” With George Stephanopoulos during his interview with George W. Bush, Stephanopoulos brought the statement that the elder bush made earlier in the week, when he said, he hates to think what life will be like for his son if the Democrats win control of Congress in the Nov. 7 election. WaPo

“He shouldn’t be speculating like this, because — he should have called me ahead of time and I’d tell him they’re not going to [win],” a smiling Bush said

It makes you wonder does the Resident know something that we don’t, or is he just over enthusiastic? With all of the doubt over Electronic Voting, and the use of proprietary voting machines, and programs maybe there is something to worry about.

The elder Bush was also quoted as saying :

“I would hate to think . . . what my son’s life would be like” if their Republican Party lost its majorities.
Though the elder Bush has said his job is to stay on the sidelines, that did not stop him from raising a warning about the prospects for a Democratic takeover of Congress.
Asked whether he had thought about the possibility, the president told ABC: “Not really. . . . I’m a person that believes we’ll continue to control the House and the Senate.”

I know many of the people are saying that the election will not be stolen, and that they are tired of hearing about it, and I know the reason why. It’s because they are afraid that people will come to the conclusion then why vote. Well I have already hit that one, but will vote anyway hoping that we have done enough to hold voter fraud in check. Also in hope that the change of power will actually make a difference. After seeing Barney Franks on Bill Maher Friday night. (Let me reword that.) On Real Time with Bill Maher, I saw a passion from Franks that I haven’t seen in any one on the left, other than Senator Russ Feingold. It does give me hope. But will this kind of passion beat a Diebold machine, or any other proprietary E-Machine?


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  1. December 16, 2006 3:51 pm

    nice blog!



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