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Total Disgust. Or Maybe on the Weekend?

October 19, 2006

As I sit here in utter disgust, because the streets are not filled with people showing that they are not lost. Showing they are smarter than the administration is giving them credit for. This is no longer a joke. I have been telling of this moment for over three years now. Although since 2000, I was aware that this man was no more than part of a power hungry plot to remove the freedoms of the people without an objection from anyone. Read on >>>

Those of us that spoke of the atrocities that this cabal brought against the country and the world we were ridiculed as crazy, and left-wing lunatics. Yet we stood again and again, only to be told that we were wrong and that what we spoke was not was not the truth.

Now that we have lost one of the basic rights that we depended on to keep us free from false imprisonment. The one thing that gave us a fighting chance to challenge the government when we felt they were crossing the line, was wiped from existence with the fail swipe of a pen.

We need to get across to the people that don’t understand just what was lost. What is needed is point out they can be picked up and held without being charged and kept until they find one. Tell them this loss means, we are not guarantied that once accused we will see a trial, let alone a lawyer. What this means is, the administration has finally sparked what should be a fear in every man woman and child in the country.

You will have to make sure you don’t do anything that could be construed as an enemy combatant. Now if you figure this out, would you let the rest of us know? Because like the definition of terrorism in the Patriot Act, the definition of an Enemy Combatant is left wide open. It is left up to the call of the administration. God help us.

Sad to say last night I watched John Stewart and his guest was John Ashcroft. Now I know we all remember Ashcroft. The man who was a key player in the drafting and passage of the Patriot Act. When John Stewart introduced Ashcroft the crowd clapped and welcomed him warmly. Why didn’t they just stand and thank him for taking their rights away. These people just don’t get it. Maybe it is just as my wife said to me last night, “As long as they have their toys, and the government does not take those away, they can do what they want.”

I am truly frightened by the latest move made by the administration, and the most frightening thing was, nothing was said. Oh yea, Keith Olbermann gave a great special note last night. It was done with a great deal of passion. And the questions that he put forth to the Resident, and the people of the country, were heart felt, there was no doubt in that. But what did MSNBC put on right after that “Scarbogh Country” and the Clinton hearings, the perfect thing to try and kill the tone that Keith had set. The type of thing that has gone on, since this bunch of lying, murderous, thieves, took office. If you are wondering what in the hell I am talking about, we need to look back at crucial points in this administrations history. I will save that for another diary. Let’s just say that when the tide starts to turn they kill it. The old standby is “The Clinton Years.” It works every time to take the focus of the present administration and start the blame Clinton game. Enough said.

Last night in PL6, a woman who for lack of a better term is a (Conpublican) Confused Republican said that going into Iraq was a mistake. She stated all the normal right talking point. I interrupted her and explained that it was not a mistake going into Iraq, by any definition of the word. This cabal had their eye on Iraq even before the election fraud of 2000. Their was no mistake at all, they saw their opportunity and jumped on it with both feet right up to their necks. And that is the kind of thinking that is still out there, that things that are happening are mistakes. The only thing that is a mistake, we are not in the streets by the millions, taking back the country. Oh that’s right as so many of you have pointed out, “We need the revolution scheduled for a weekend.”


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