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Kicking Around Thermonuclear War. (Just for fun)

October 18, 2006

Let’s just kick this around for a while, I know most of you don’t see the United States going after Iran. A Small percentage don’t think it will happen until closer to the end of Bush’s reign. And a even smaller percentage of you think if we [the United States] attack, Bush won’t step down from power. Read on. >>>

With so many countries around the globe holding or, thinking about getting nuclear weapons, is it a safe bet that if on of those countries starts tossing around their weaponry that it won’t belong until we as human will no longer exist. I mean lets face facts here you have a madman in Lil Kim in North Korea, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, and of course we have our own beloved leader, that has already been kicking around the possibility of using Nukes on Iran. The only difference in Bush’s case is, the Pentagon calls it a controlled, tactical nuclear strike. I really don’t see the difference.

Now if we look at all of the other countries that have nuclear weaponry, we see the scorecard stacks up this way.
1. United States
2. Russia
3.Peoples Republic of China
4. United Kingdom
5. France
Those who have tested are,
1. Pakistan
3. North Korean
4. It is strongly believed that, Israel has a large stockpile, but they will not say one way or the other. [Brian Williams says no.]

Now the thing that doesn’t make sense on the part of the United States is that they are going after Iran, who has no weapons. They say they are developing for nuclear energy. The administration is basically ignoring North Korea, who has been proven to have tested a nuke. Is there an ulterior motive?(Hum—m)

North Korea does not sit on one the largest oil deposits in the world, and has virtually nothing that to offer. The things that North Korea does export according to this Vancouver Sun are:

A total ban on imports and ships would be a big blow for North Korea, whose produce like clams and mushroom earns precious foreign currency on the Japanese market. Japan imported US$133 million worth of products from the North in 2005, mostly sea and agricultural produce, coal, and other raw materials, according to government statistics.

The United States has enough coal, and Mushrooms.

Now let us see what Iran brings to the table; Iran is the fourth over all oil producer in the world, and second in OPEC. Iran also is sitting on the second largest deposit of Natural Gas. The proven reserves of coal in Iran are estimated to be approximately 13.1 milliard tons. Iran also has uranium resources. It is the Wal-Mart, of natural resources. Therefore, if I had to venture a guess, it would be Iran will receive the most of the United States attention.

Reuters reports that the E.U. after four months of talk, has decided to agree to the limited sanctions against Iran, after their refusal to halt uranium enrichment.

“The Iranians’ refusal leaves us no choice today but to take to the Security Council route. The Security Council should adopt gradual, reversible measures proportionate to Iranian actions,” French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy told reporters.

It seems that North Korea’s nuclear testing has made a few members of the UN nervous.

EU ministers made clear that alarm at North Korea’s nuclear test and its implications for other countries were one key factor in showing their resolve toward Iran, although their economic interests with Tehran are far greater.
“The most important thing is to have a united response as we showed with North Korea,” European External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said.

So with everything going on it looks like Iran will be made an example of, before North Korea.


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