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Just a Quickie, Jeep Gets It.

October 13, 2006

Have you seen the new Jeep commercials in which the main characters are bobble head dolls. Well by golly I think they captured the true essence of the neo-con followers. They are empty headed yes men, oh yea and women. They proved it last month, when gas prices were lower than they had been in months, the bobble headed followers were out buying SUVs. In fact sells were up two percent. Is it that these people short memories or they think that after November for some unknown reason, gas prices won’t hit or surpass where we just came from?

Yea, Jeep really has peg their costumers. Empty headed Bobble Dolls.


Disclaimer: All content contained with in this diary is solely that of ABA. The opinion that those people that buy, lease, or own a Jeep are Bobble head dolls is necessarily that of this Blog Site. It could, or could not be, depends.


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