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PNAC and the Media

October 8, 2006

It was brought up in a debate in Yahoo PL-20 last night while discussing the left being divided into so many sections that they can’t defeat the Right . This is a point that I have brought up many times in my diaries on Daily Kos.

Not only does the media not talk about the things that do not make sense about 9-11-2001, you never here about PNAC, no I take that back I herd it brought up once when Bill Kristol was being interviewed, and PNAC was mentioned briefly and it was laughed off. You can see the video here. Read on>>>

By now anyone that has followed my diaries on Kos, and now on my new site Climbing From the Rubble know that, I am very interested about PNAC’s role in the current and past administrations. I have tried to get my hands on any information that is out there about them. As we know when the Bush administration grabbed power in 2000, 13 members of his staff came from PNAC, and has now had 16 members on it. Some have moved on to (in my opinion) places of more importance in global control. The most publicized move at the time was Paul Wolfowitz to head of The World Bank.

So what part does the “New Project for the New American Century” play in the administrations conquest of the control of the Middle East, and Global Domination? Also, why isn’t the press looking into the presents of such a so-called “Think-Tank”, and the part they play in calling the Foreign Policy of the administration, as they tried with the Clinton administration?

One possibility could be that most of the major players are heads on the media. Kristole who is the Chairman of the PNAC group has also,


Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future, where he helped create the strategy which produced the 1994 Republican congressional victory. He started The Weekly Standard in 1995, and now serves as its editor and publisher. He is also a political contributor for the Fox News Channel and serves as a regular contributor to Special Report with Brit Hume.

Other media players are:
A. Steve Forbes, Publisher of Forbes Magazine.
B. Frank Gaffney, Columnist.
C. Donald Kagan, Columnist
D. Charles Krauthammer, Columnist.

Some of the heavy hitters on the PNAC roster are:

A. Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida.
B. John Bolton, Now U.S. U.N representative.
C. Dan Quail, Former Vice-President
D. Richard Perle, PNAC founder,
E. Donald Rumsfeld, Member of PNAC, and Secretary of Defense
F. Dick Cheney, Vice President.

Still I have not found a clear-cut reason why the media has not even questioned the presence of this group. There are plenty of questions to be ask about PNAC. Like:
A. Why is it that most of the George W. Bush staff and cabinet is made up of PNAC members and ex-PNAC members?

B. Why is it the Bush administration has pretty much followed the PNAC letters sent to Bush and the Congress to the letter? From funding the Iraq war, to the number of troops to put on the ground.

C. Why is it that the time frame of the letters sent to Newt Gingrich the Speaker of the House at the time, pushed for the need to make Bill Clinton follow their agenda on Iraq, and North Korea, at any cost? Then when that did not happen, he was caught up in a scandal? Also resulting in a Gingrich scandal.

D. Why did this Think-Tank, develop out of the George H. W. Bush Pentagon, once he was defeated by Bill Clinton? (PNAC started as a group inside the Pentagon in 1992, and was accidentally discovered and went public in 1997.)

As I do at the end of every PNAC diary I ask you to go look up the evidence yourself and make up your own mind. I think by doing so you will find that this connection of the Bush White House is a little more than a co-winky-dink. I think you will find that they should have been looked into a long time ago.

To get started go to the website, and after that I am betting the love of your country will make you want to know more.


Ps. A good paper on these subjects is a paper written by, Michael Meacher, which I found while looking for the old sites that I reference that have disappeared.

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  1. October 8, 2006 6:36 pm

    No problem.


  2. October 8, 2006 5:50 pm

    Thank-you for pointing out the links. I fixed them. Thanks again.


  3. October 8, 2006 5:18 pm

    They’re avoiding the PNAC for the same reasons they avoid too much info on civilian deaths in Iraq, treatment at Gitmo, people who have their freedom of speech threatened, etc. It’s ironic how the person who (theoretically) represents the US in the UN is part of the PNAC. The PNAC seems to be the strongest neoconservative group in the US, essentially but indirectly in charge of the GOP, and yet so few Americans have even heard of it.
    (Just so you know your links don’t work.)


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