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Can The World wait? NOT MUCH LONGER!

October 6, 2006

What has happen to the country when the people see what is happening, but refuse to stand up? Is it that the administration has them so terrified that they will not? Could be. I feel it is a sad statement when the Illegal citizens care more about what is going on than the citizens of the country. Read on >>>

 As most of you that will read this know yesterday October 5th was suppose to be a big day of defiance with people staying home from school, and work to take to the streets. In what was going to be a big day in the peace movement turn out to be at best a lack luster day. As this Blog entry on Oped News  points out, the numbers in Pittsburgh struggled to hit 50 in Pittsburgh.

We just returned from the Pittsburgh World Can’t Wait protest. Actually, it never really happened. About 50 people showed up, mainly hardcore activists from the Thomas Merton Center, a local civil rights group. After passing out 3500 flyers and sending local media press kits, hardly no one showed up for the rally. There were more cops there than protesters! The cops had their lights flashing and their dope sniffing dogs. The group of 50 patriots, demoralized, sort of staggered out into the street for a march. I was so angry and depressed I just sat down on the steps and watched the people on their lunch hour; not even noticing the protesters, talking on cell phones, chatting with friends; they didn’t seem very preoccupied with the rise of fascism or the potential war without end.

  This next excerpt from the same entry is one that I sympathize with and are my feelings exactly.

I suddenly realized how bankrupt this country really is now. How empty and shallow the people really are behind those apathetic eyes. I no longer have a country. I renounce my citizenship. I cannot be a part of this god damn cyborg culture; It is the very antithesis of freedom!

   Another march in Manhattan faired a little better, when about one thousand showed up, and blocked a street in the city.

Thousands of protesters clogged New York City’s streets as they marched from the United Nations headquarters. Some people lay down in the middle of the street, while others carried signs saying “Expose 9/11” and “This war should be over.” They also handed out fliers reading, “Drive out the Bush regime.

“We are at a defining moment for this country and our people,” said World Can’t Wait’s Rick Strandlof in Reno, Nev. Forbs

     My Take

Well I have to agree with Shelly LaPre, and her assessment of the rally in Pittsburgh PA.(see above) We are amongst a generation of people that are over estimating their own self worth. Most are caught up in their own little worlds, and as long as mommy and daddy keep sending money, they could care less about the fact; their peers are being sent off to die for an administration that cares more about world conquest, than they do about them.

One answer is to reinstate the draft, on an equal basis. If that happens, believe you-me you will see this country move the youth to the streets in numbers, like never before.

You know one other possibility is, Jr. and Sis, don’t want to do what mom and dad did in the sixties and seventies. (So un-cool) I have been around for forty-seven years, and have never seen any administration get away with what this one has. (Not even Nixon.)

The only way I see this <b>“War of no End”</b>, coming to a stop, is when we as a whole are slapped in the face by what is being done by this administration. One of the latest polls, show that Bush’s popularity is connected to the price of gas. I personally think that is freaking outrageous. Although it sadly shows the mindset of this country, and where its priorities are focused.

So when you fill-up today, remember that Bush’s popularity is linked to what you are putting in the tank. Then ask yourself this question. Is the lives and rights we lost and are about to lose worth the few cents I am saving?


Ps. I was just reading about Bush playing that little game he does with the signing statements and basically vetoing a bill without vetoing it. I think we should keep this Foley thing first and foremost on the things we need to fight this administration on. (That was sarcasm if you didn’t know.) What makes anyone think that this wasn’t a ploy to send up a smokescreen? You need to ask yourself this every time the media goes after something this hot and heavy. What is the Bush administration up to?

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  1. Intrepidly permalink
    October 6, 2006 5:50 pm

    Another great entry! Keep them coming ABA!


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