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Should Foley get the Attention He is?

October 4, 2006

As I read the major Blog sites, everyone has an opinion on the Foley case, or should I say an obsession. As I was reading over Kos yesterday, I counted no less than five diaries on Foley at a time. It was the same elsewhere also. Read On>>>

   As reprehensible as it is, this is not the biggest problem we have with the Neo-cons in power. If the Democratic Party is planning to use this during the midterms, they should think again.

I am sure that most of you have noticed that any scandal that has come up against the republicans is either explained away or, terrorized away. That’s right; the key to the administrations control is terror. Look at the speech given by Bush yesterday. He wastes no tome pushing the terror play.

WaPoTime and time again, the Democrats want to have it both ways,” he told donors here. “They talk tough on terror, but when the votes are counted, their softer side comes out.”

He added: “If you don’t think we should be listening in on the terrorist, then you ought to vote for the Democrats. If you want your government to continue listening in when al-Qaeda planners are making phone calls into the United States, then you vote Republican.”

Bush started his new round of attacks on democrats Monday in Las Vegas when he told the crowd of hand picked supporters.

“It sounds like they think the best way to protect the American people is wait until we’re attacked again,” he said.

You can see the Neo-cons are jumping on the terror bandwagon again, to try and deflect the Foley case and the other 1,000 negative things that have been shown this week alone. The scary thing about their ploy, is that it seems to work. [Could there be another video tape in out near future?]

If democrats want to ensure wins in November they need to take Bill Clintons lead, and start growing a backbone. They need too show that they will be tougher on the terror than the republicans are. Moreover, it can be done without taking the citizenries rights away.

What this administration has done, is scared a large amount of the country to believe that, in order to be safe, they need to forfeit their freedoms. The very freedoms that the administration has been telling the people that the terrorist hate us for. Is it possible that if we have no rights or freedoms that they will love us?

With everything that is happening in this world, and that which is looming on the horizon, which need our attention at this moment. The attacks on our troops last month were at a wartime high. The Iranian troops that are being train and given weapons by our troops are the ones turning and attacking the U.S., according to a conversation I had with an Iraqi citizen last night in Yahoo PL-6.

The road to total control by this administration is in going to destroy the country. From the NAFTA Superhighway to the new evidence coming out on what Bush and company new of the plans to attack with jetliners before 9-11-2001, and ignored all the warnings. I believe as do so many others that they did exactly that so they would have little resistance for a preemptive invasion of Iraq. These things and much, much more, need to be looked at hard by the Democrats.


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  1. Intrepidly permalink
    October 4, 2006 5:58 pm

    The Foley situation is important you are right and to have it dominant the discussions I am not sure if that is a good idea. It would be a great idea if the democrats mentioned the Franklin scandal and coverup done there by the Reagan/Bush Sr. white house. They could use expose the GOP for what traditionally has followed them through the party ranks for generations now. Foley is nothing new in the party. They could bring up Conspiracy of Silence documentary that dealt with the Franklin scandal and the GOP involvement and the fact that the video was banned to air on American television.

    They won’t though ABA because the bottom line is, this two party masquerade is just that, a masquerade and they all want our rights taken away in the end so they can prosper more.

    Last week it was brought to light that the final tally on voter fraud was made public and that the findings showed that our elections have been stolen since 2000. Testimony under oath in front of the judiciary says so. They don’t address that either though.

    Dog and pony my friend, dog and pony….step right up for your tickets!

    Nice entry again!


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