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Liberals Are Gay Bashers??

October 2, 2006


As much as I wanted to stay away from this, I had to go after Jim Quinn for doing so well what most Neo-con do, go after the victim. Read On.>>>

In case you do not know who Jim Quinn is. He is a local Pittsburgh Right-Wing Radio Talking Head. He is also carried on satellite radio. Those who do read my diaries know that I go after him occasionally for things that he says, because if you listen real close it sounds like the teachings of Hitler.

Today on my ride home, they were talking about the Mark Foley story. Just as I turned into the driveway he started asking, what is so wrong with what Foley did except that it is an election year. Well as I sat in the driveway screaming at my radio for seven minutes until the commercial break, I received some strange looks from my neighbors, and my wife.

So I ran inside and tuned it in on the stereo in the house, and when I got it tuned in, Quinn was still going on about he didn’t have sexual relations with any of the pages. “So what is the problem?”
Do we need to let these neo-cons know it is against the law to try and solicit sex from a minor? That is exactly what Foley was doing, in the eyes of the law.

Starting today on the radio circuit you will begin hearing that what he did is not that bad, and that liberals are gay bashers. That’s right, you heard me. Because we want justice, and some accountability, we will be called Gay Bashers.

October Surprise?
Later in the show Quinn went on to (Talk about your Conspiracy Theories) insist that this was held on to until now by the media for the democrats “October Surprise”. Yes, you heard it here, and you will probably here some more that this was set up by the democrats and the media as an, (You have to say this in that (Monster Truck voice) “October Surprise”.
Yes my friends, you will hear that this was as staged as a performance of  “Cats”. the Neo-cons were literally caught with their pants down. Now sit back, kick your feet up, and get ready for a show of non-accountability.


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  1. November 1, 2006 12:54 pm

    I catch a little bit of his show, while taking my daughter to school, and he gets me reved-up in the mornings to right against the Right( a little word play)lol.


  2. Intrepidly permalink
    October 2, 2006 5:19 pm

    Absolutely amazing! I wonder why these freaks are still allowed on the radio stations. I mean this guy is saying it is OK to solicit a MINOR!?? Lord what is this world coming to?

    Great entry.


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