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Building The Highway From Hell

October 1, 2006

  Though you may find it shocking until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of the NAFTA Highway. It is a series of highways that are being connected together to run from Mexico to Canada. There is a lot of opposition against this highway, but it is going ahead anyway. Read On.>>>

  The highway is of major concern to what is left of the small farmer and business owners in the United States, because it runs through the heartland of the country. The highway will allow trucks to roll from deep inside Mexico, loaded with fruits and vegetables, and other cheap goods.

  You would think, with the midterm uproar by republican and democratic leaders on border issues this would be about the last thing that money would be allotted for. Building an eighty Billion Fence along the southern border would put the breaks on the highway for a while, but hasn’t. An article on Asphalt Strawberry points out that the two key issues that are of concern for the Super Highway are, Money and Politics.

Regardless of the environmental impacts, “two words really determine the future of this highway,” noted Alexander Ewing of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center. “One is finances and the other is politics.

  There are other problems that come with building a Superhighway like this. Losing tens of thousands of jobs should be at the top of the list. Public safety should be at the top of the list, and really should be number one on the list, but rarely is. Included in public safety would be environmental issues.

  The NAFTA Superhighway would literally cut through eight state and Canada. Bisecting farms and destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of forest. A community in Indiana wants no part of being part of the Superhighway, as shown below.

“Small, independent farmers need help, not road blocks,” testified southern Indiana farmer Gary Seibert. “That is what the I-69 extension will be, a great dam that splits up our farms and separates our communities. We have a name for it when you take our homes, our farms, our natural resources, and our way of life and promise us pie-in-the-sky in return. It’s called rural exploitation. We’ve heard it all before and we decline your offer.”

  That should be the resounding answer in every community that will be touched by this monstrosity. It is the creation of the corporate government, meant to line their pockets while squashing the middle class and all those who benefit by there labor. However, the corporate entities do have an ace in the hole. Eminent Domain.

  In Texas the Highway was thought to be just for the Texans Built by Texans. Boy did they get a surprise. My West Texas

 When state legislators in 2003 approved House Bill 3588 creating the Trans-Texas Corridor, it was thought to be a superhighway built by and for Texans.

But Adams said it has “morphed” into a NAFTA superhighway set to become a 4,000-mile $184 billion international entity called North America’s SuperCorridor, regulated by “international bureaucrats,” according to a story Adams wrote in the September issue of “Torch,” published by the Texas Eagle Forum.

  This is a highway that will not really benefit the American People, built by a non-American company, to be driven on by non-American drivers. What the hell is congress thinking you might ask? That brings up another problem.

An agreement dubbed the Security and Prosperity Partnership was signed in 2005 in Waco by President Bush, then-Mexican President Vincente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Edgar Philippe Martin created the NASCO corridor. The plan is to be put in place by 2010. Adams said the contract is a sole executive agreement that bypasses Congress.

  The NWO Marches On.

Markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico would be merged into a North American Union, similar to the European Union. This would create a new currency called the “Amero,” which would replace currencies for all three countries.

  Most people in the North East, are not well informed on the subject, mainly because it is not going to rip through our front yards. But what happens if there is no outcry against this? Will the government keep taking land in the corporate interest? All the while dividing communities and families. This is just another way that this administration has proven that it is “A Divider, not a Uniter.

  In that last section, I want to make it clear that Mrs. Adams is for Eminent Domain as is Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry is quietly pushing for Eminent Domain so that the state can take land for roads to connect to the NAFTA Super Highway.

  Mrs. Adams is not upset that the Texas-Corridor is being turned into the Superhighway, only that the part being built through Texas, will not benefit Texas. I wanted to make that clear, just because I used the article for reference, does not mean I agree with her and the governor on the state taking peoples land for their profit.

    Praise The Lord and pass the Taco sauce.

    Kaye Grogan

  The following is to show that even in a time of dire straights,<b> Most Christians</b> would rather hang themselves than team up with Liberals to defeat bad government.

Not only is this country in deep trouble spiritually, it is suffering greatly in need of “godly” men and women with leadership abilities and qualities to look after the best interest of the United States of America. I thought President Bush was a godly man, but right now his mind has went south of the border.

The Republicans are caught up in a very dangerous game of doing irreparable dealings behind the backs of Americans. Out in Texas Governor Rick Perry has been quietly endorsing building superhighways costing billions of dollars at the expense of taxpayers.

According to a report from WorldNet Daily, the roads will intertwine with the so-called NAFTA Superhighway. And this little project has a lot of the folks up in the air, because the United States Supreme Court paved the way for “eminent domain” to seize the property of homeowners– in the way of what some are viewing as prosperity with Mexico and Canada.

That was just a short excerpt from the article, to get the jest of it you need to read the whole thing. From here on out I will be keeping an eye on this situation, and I will keep you informed. I personally think, we all should watch and protest this in some way or fashion.


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  1. Intrepidly permalink
    October 1, 2006 11:47 pm

    Great start! Loved the entry. I protest the North American Union, and its highway! I have you blogrolled! 🙂


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